‘In the Rough’ Timed Research Guide

‘In the Rough’ is a new timed research for trainers who buy the Global Pokémon GO Fest 2023 ticket before 5th July 2023. It was released at 5pm local time on 21st June 2023. It rewards an early encounter with the Jewel Pokémon, Carbink, a Rock and Fairy type Pokémon from Generation VI.


It can be obtained by buying a Global GO Fest ticket before 5th July 2023, and will be made immediately available to you upon purchasing a ticket if it is after 5pm local time 21st June 2023. A second Timed Research will also be made available for trainers who purchase a ticket to Pokémon GO Fest 2023 Global by August 1st and play between July 15th and August 1st. Trainers who got the In the Rough timed research will also get access to this second timed research.

‘In the Rough’ Timed Research

Task Reward
Play with your Buddy 5 times Lure icon 1× Lure
Open 5 Gifts Ultra Ball icon 10× Ultra Ball
Make 10 Great Throws Stardust icon 500× Stardust
Power up 10 Rock or Fairy type Pokémon Onix
Catch 25 different species of Pokémon Lucky Egg icon 1× Lucky Egg


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