Shiny Pokémon to Look Forward to: Part 9

It’s been a long time since we shared a new part to this series, shiny Pokémon to look forward to in Pokémon GO, the last was in July 2023, but we are finally back with another part! With new Pokémon from the Paldean region trickling into the game, there are more new shinies to look forward to than ever!

Wiglett & Wugtrio

Shiny Wiglett Shiny Wugtrio

Wiglett is the newest Pokémon to debut in Pokémon GO, and rather uniquely, it is a biome specific spawn, only appearing at the beach biome. Being so limited, it is almost like a new form of regional, expect that it is biome locked. As a convergent form of Diglett, I didn’t have high hopes for the shiny initially, as Diglett is rather lacklustre, but Wiglett and Wugtrio do not disappoint! I mean, just look at them! Wiglett is an incredible gold with a bright blue nose, and Wiglett keeps the same colour theme, just the opposite way around. They are so bright and fun, and are sure to be a hunt shiny fans will be eager for in GO. I suspect it will be a little while before we see their shiny released, but when it does… what a banger!

Nymble and Lokix

Shiny Nymble Shiny Lokix

When Nymble was featured in the Taken Treasures event, it appeared for a brief moment that their shiny was also released. This was quickly reverted, but not before social media got hyped for this delightful golden shiny. Nymble will make a great fit for a shiny release during a Bug Out event, or even a Dark event with Lokix being part Dark.


Shiny Tadbulb Shiny Bellibolt

Now, you’ll notice I didn’t include Tadbulb here, because well… can you even tell that it is shiny? It’s a terrible shiny if we are honest, almost impossible to see, and on a teeny tiny Pokémon to boot. But Bellibolt? Sublime! That bright limey yellow green colour is so good, and so fun, it suits the whacky and weird design so well. Can’t wait to see this one in game, it’s going to look amazing!

Cetoddle and Cetitan

Shiny Cetoddle Shiny Cetitan

Everyone loves an obvious shiny, and this are so different from their original icy white colourway! The pops of orange are really fun, and can you imagine how good these will look on the snowy background in game?


Shiny Carbink

Leaving the Paldea region and heading to Kalos, Carbink! Carbink has been out for a little while now, featured in various events including GO Fest 2023, but still no sign of the shiny. It has a really stunning shiny, with the dark grey really making the different shades of blue pop. It suits the gemstone look of Carbink, and amplifies how cute it is.


Shiny Falinks

Falinks has been incredibly elusive in GO since their initial debut back in August 2021, featuring in a handful of events and barely spawning in the wild. Hopefully when their shiny is eventually released, it will be more abundant, because that brown and yellow combination is really unexpected, but refreshing.

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