Niantic Extends Distance Trading Bonus

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Last night Niantic Support tweeted that they would be amending the period of time distance trading, reduced trade costs, and the one additional special trade per day would be available for over the holiday season! They run for different periods of time, but have both been extended which is a very welcome addition to the Holiday 2021 event.

This has been a hot topic on social media the last few days, with many trainers feeling that making the distance trading on 25th & 26th December only, when traditionally many may be busy with family, friends and loved ones, and therefore may have been unable to play Pokémon GO, an odd choice. We’re happy to see it increased for the extra dates and hope more players will be able to fully utilise this bonus now.

Get planning with your local community to make sure you can take advantage of this rare bonus, get those special and lucky trades booked in and planned!

Reduced trade costs and one extra special trade per day will be available from 17th to 20th December as part of the December Community Day weekend, so if you are able to safely trade in person, you can also take advantage of this.

Stay safe trainers, and happy holidays!

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