Distance Trading Has Been Extended Again!

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Last night 23rd November we were expecting the most recent distance trading test to end, but much to our surprise, Pokémon GO tweeted an extension of the test! It is now continuing until 30th November 1pm PST.

The distance has been ‘greatly increased‘ to quote, and at the moment that distance is speculated to be somewhere between 40km and 50km, though reports do vary.

Report your findings in the comments and let us know how far you have managed to trade.

Now is a great time to safely trade with your fellow trainers and finally get some of those pending special and lucky trades done that we all seem to have a backlog of thanks to the pandemic. Special trades can still only be done once per day, but you can do as many lucky friend trades as you like until you hit that trade limit of 100 trades per day.

With a lot of time until 30th November, now is the perfect time to schedule daily special trades until the end of this test. Get messaging your fellow trainers and organise!

We are intrigued to see how this test will be implemented in the future, and if the distance could potentially be increased in the future. It has certainly proved to be a very popular addition to the game so far!

This has not been mentioned on their blog or in the in game news, so be sure to spread the word within your local community so they can take full advantage of this increased trade range!

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