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Trainers! We have more news for the upcoming Pokémon GO Tour: Hoenn including spawns, snapshots, challenges and more.

Exclusive Live Experiences

Legendary Encounters

Take a snapshot of Latios (Sapphire Badge) or Latias (Ruby Badge) in the wild to earn another encounter with Latios or Latias!

GO Snapshot Encounters

Take snapshots during the event to earn encounters with the Hoenn Starter Pokémon, Treecko, Torchic and Mudkip.

Timed Research: GO For a Spin

Complete timed research for encounters with the Spot Pokémon, Spinda. Spinda is usually only available in the ‘Make 5 Great Curveball Throws in a row’ Pokéstops research, so this is a great chance to aim for those shinies.

New Costume Pokémon

Two brand new costume Pikachu will appear during the event, Pikachu wearing Brendan’s hat, or May’s bow. Brendan and May are the rivals in Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald.

Ruby VS Sapphire Challenge

As earth and sea clash, you’ll have to pick a side! All trainers will need to pick between a Ruby and Sapphire Badge, and the team you pick will shape your Pokémon encounters. Trainers who attend the Las Vegas in-person event will pick their badge in Vegas, and it will carry over into the global event.

Each hour you will be able to complete special field research tasks to help your team. Depending on which team completes more research, all trainers will see increased Primal Raids for either Primal Groudon (Ruby) or Primal Kyogre (Sapphire), plus an increased chance of encountering certain wild Pokémon.

Primal Surge: Kyogre Wild Encounters

Primal Surge: Groudon Wild Encounters

Las Vegas: Hoenn Tour

Throughout the city of Las Vegas trainers both with, and without tickets, will be able to experience event specific raids during event hours. Trainers with a ticket can also enjoy event specific eggs and wild Pokémon encounters during event hours on their ticketed day.

A Coded Quest

Secret codes will be hidden throughout Sunset Park in Las Vegas. Find them to earn the chance of encounters with certain Legendary Pokémon.

Pokémon Storage and Item Bag Capacity Increase

To help you prepare for your Hoenn adventure, the maximum capacity of your Pokémon Storage and Item Bag will be increased ahead of Pokémon GO Tour: Hoenn – Las Vegas! You can purchase Item Bag and Pokémon Storage expansions from the in-game shop.

  • Pokémon Storage capacity: 6,200 -> 6,250
  • Item Bag capacity: 5,200 -> 5,250

New Music

You can look forward to new pieces of featured music inspired by Pokémon Ruby and Pokémon Sapphire. These pieces were created by Junichi Masuda, Pokémon video game series composer and Chief Creative Fellow of The Pokémon Company!

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