Animated preview of the upcoming Pokémon GO sunset visuals

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we’ve managed to record how the updated Sunset period will look in Pokémon GO. This is not a leak, this is an actual, officially confirmed animation from the upcoming version of the game.

The animation was shown on the GDC 2017 conference, in a talk named ‘Pokemon GO’ & Designing Interactive Games for the Real World given by Dennis Hwang of Niantic, Inc.

We’ve also noticed some curious wind animations and the leaf animations looking slightly different than before. In our opinion, Niantic landed a slam dunk with this one!

As Hwang explained, the sunset visuals were scrapped for the initial release due to time constraints and size of the team. In their minds, it made sense to have only Day and Night cycle, especially given their small team size.

Now, they are looking forward to expand further the visuals of Pokémon GO as their team size has increased and they’re more experienced with the mobile platform.

The entire talk is very interesting, as it features a lot of screenshots from the early days of Pokémon GO development, making it an interesting watch for any true fan of the game.

You can watch the full talk here.

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