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How to beat Pokemon GO Lapras

How to beat Pokemon GO Lapras
Pokemon GO How to beat Lapras

Lapras is one of the more difficult gym defenders to deal with in Pokemon GO, mostly due to it’s amazing Ice / Water typing.

There are Pokemon that can beat Lapras with relative ease, but there are even more Pokemon that do not stand a chance, even if they look like they should be good against it.

Pokemon GO Lapras counter and strategy

Lapras is one of the strongest defenders for two reasons: elite stats and incredibly strong typing. Ice / Water combination leaves Lapras vulnerable to the following types:

  • Electric 1.25x
  • Grass 1.25x
  • Rock 1.25x
  • Fihgting 1.25x

On paper, Lapras has a lot of type disadvantages that should be easily abused. However, as Lapras is Ice type, he can chew through most, if not all, Grass Pokemon with ease. In the current state of the game, most Electric and Fighting Pokemon have simple too weak stats and not enough health to stand up against Lapras. That being said, forget your Magnetons, Venusaurs and Jolteons.

There are only a few Pokemon that can really stand up to Lapras, and even then it is not a one sided beat-down.

Here is a list of our suggestions:

  • Arcanine with Fire Fang / Fire Blast
    • Elite Stats, monstrous DPS and Fire Type attacks should melt through Lapras
    • Do note that Arcanine receives only 0.8x damage from Ice moves
  • Flareon with Ember / Fire Blast
    • Not as nearly as good as Arcanine, but with strong Fire moves at it’s side and good typing, Flareon has a good chance against Lapras
  • Machamp with Karate Chop / Stone Edge
    • Machamp performs surprisingly well against Lapras, especially with Karate Chop as a Quick Move and Stone Edge as Charge Move
    • Super Effective against Lapras
    • Use a Machamp with a lot of Combat Power when Attacking
  • Omastar with Rock Throw / Rock Slide
    • Omastar is great against Lapras as it’s Rock Attacks as Super Effective and he doesn’t take increased damage from Ice
    • Note: Lapras with enough Combat Power will still win against Omastar
  • Rhydon (or Golem) with Stone Edge
    • Stone Edge is a powerful Rock move that can deliver a hefty punch to Lapras
    • Don’t even think about using them if they don’t have Stone Edge or at very least Earthquake
    • Both take 1.25x damage from Ice, so they will not last long

Pokemon GO Lapras

Lapras is a Ice/Water type Pokemon with balanced stats and great moves that complement it’s strong typing. Lapras is the best Dragonite counter in the game currently, mostly due to it’s Ice moves and STAB bonus he receives when using Ice moves.

Lapras can have the following moves:

  • Quick Attacks:
    • Frost Breath (Ice, 13.58 DPS)
    • Ice Shard (Ice, 12.86 DPS)
  • Charge Moves:
    • Blizzard (Ice, 30.00 DPS)
    • Ice Beam (Ice, 20.82 DPS)
    • Dragon Pulse (Dragon, 16.94 DPS)

Lapras has the following stats:

Max Theoretical CP 2980.73
Base Attack 186
Base Defense 190
Base Stamina 260
Capture Rate 16 %
Flee Rate 9 %
Class Normal