Equinox Event Box: sale, pricing and contents

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Equinox Event Box come in three varieties: Special, Great and Ultra Box. The contents of each box are different and targeted at different player groups. This page analyses the price-to-value ratio, discount percentage and more for each of the boxes.

Equinox Box Sale analysis

The following table shows contents of each box and how much discount you’re getting for each of them. Surprisingly, buying any of the boxes results in getting Super Incubators for free essentially.

Equinox Box Sale – contents and discount
Special Box Great Box Ultra Box
Price 480 980 1480
Super Incubators 3 5 8
Lure Modules 5 10 15
Lucky Eggs 0 4 8
Cost without discount 500 1320 2140
Discount % 4% 26% 30.8%
Price / Super Incubators 160 196 185

Detailed Equinox Box breakdown

The Special Box represents the cheapest way to get three Super Incubators. This is the best box to get if you want only Incubators. Price per Incubator is 160 Poké Coin, which makes it by far the cheapest option, but you get very little extras.

The Great Box is a mixed in the sense you get a ton of Lures, 4x Lucky Eggs but you pay a lot more for Super Incubators (196 Poké Coin per Incubator). We understand that this will be a popular “middle of the road” option, but consider extending to an Ultra Box.

The Ultra Box is a premium item without a doubt – hefty amount of Lures, Lucky Eggs and a whooping 8x Super Incubators make it a lucrative offer. The price per Incubator is just between Special and Great Box, while the amount of extras is great..


Which box does GO Hub recommend?

If you don’t care about Lucky Eggs, go for the Special Box. Otherwise, go for the Ultra Box and be a baller. We don’t really like the Great Box as we’d appreciate more Super Incubators.

What did you buy?

We bought 3x Ultra Box and 1x Special Box. We spend a lot on this game, but it is what it is.

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