Easter Event leak: a week of Double XP and better Egg hatches

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we’ve received leaked information on the upcoming Easter Event. We are still working to verify the information, but the source proved trustworthy in the past, with accurate leaks for the Generation II release date and the Water Festival date.

In short, here’s what we were informed of:

  • Double XP event should start tomorrow, lasting for 7 days
  • Increased hatch rates of Ultra Rare Egg Pokemon (consult our Egg Chart for rarities)
    • Snorlax, Lapras, Porygon and Miltank were highlighted
  • Drop rates changes for Eggs were not mentioned
  • An in-game sale for Incubators was not mentioned

Curiously, a spanish Twitter account called “Team Eevolution” tweeted out the same information roughly an hour ago, indicating that we were not the only ones on the receiving end of the leak.

We’re not sure if this “leak” was manufactured by Niantic to catch the Pokémon GO community off guard, but it is what we know at this moment.

Direct Translation


You are speaking Vaporeon Team Eevolution. First of all I have to apologize to you: some of you anticipate it but we did not have anything confirmed yet and for that we deny it. From tomorrow, there will be a DOUBLE EXPERIENCE EVENT that will last a week. There will also be better egg hatch rates. This means that there will be more chances of rare Pokemon coming out as Lapras or Snorlax more easily. (This, that we know, if it is our exclusive news). So, we encourage you to go outside and walk a lot to take advantage of it! This event will last for one week. Remember, as always: somosiosprin! Remember to follow us on Twitter and YouTube: @teameevolution J Paranoias Gamers

All in all, manage your hype and expectations. If this leak does happen to be correct, remember that only newly acquired eggs will have the increased rare hatch chance. Poké Eggs that you currently have will not be affected.

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