A few days ago we were surprised with the Water Festival event, where we could observe the appearance of the first shiny Pokémon. Maybe this festival reduces the chance of an upcoming Easter event, or maybe it does not.

Every event we have seen so far has a theme, such as ghosts for the Halloween event, or the in game presents for Christmas event.

In the case of Easter event, the theme should be related with Easter eggs or Bunnies! Although we don’t know what Niantic has prepared of us, we can always try guessing!

ARTICLE WRITTEN BY OUR COMMUNITY | Submitted by marcosm8 on April 2 2017

Wild Pokémon for Easter?

If we think about Pokemon that would be perfect for this week, Exeggcute comes to mind. Mostly due to his egg form, but also for the fact that this Pokemon is rather easy to find. Let’s not forget that we captured a lot of them during the Valentine’s Day event.

Can it be more thematic than this?

In other words, if we compare the recent news about the appearance of Shiny Magikarp/Gyarados, one can imagine that it is possible for Niantic to release Shiny Exeggcute/Exeggutor during the Easter Event!

On the other hand, we have the option of increased spawns of brown Pokemon, because brown is the color of chocolate, which is very common during Easter.

In this particular case, the most interesting creatures are: Growlithe’s family, Geodude’s family, Farfetch’d (regional), Kangaskhan (regional), Tauros (regional), Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, Kabuto’s family, Eevee, Swinub’s family, Hitmontop, Ursaing, Sudowoodo, Stantler.

Another option for this event is an increase of wild Togetic appearances and the possibility to catch wild Togepi as a present for trainers, considering that we can’t catch them in the wild form at the moment.

Pokemon eggs

Without a shadow of a doubt, the Easter event must bring us something special related to Poke Eggs. In the following list there are some interesting options for this event:

  • Reintroducing Magikarp in 2km eggs and increasing the possibilities to obtain a shiny one while hatching
  • Introducing new shiny species we can obtain only by hatching eggs
  • Rising the number of 10 km eggs in PokeStops
  • Reducing half the distances to hatch an egg (1 km, 2.5 km, and 5 km)
  • Duplicating or triplicating the candies we obtain when an egg is open.
  • The appearance of more Togepi eggs in PokeStops


Remember the one time incubator that was first released during the Winter event? The item that has a very high probability to appear is similar to that, or even better, an especial incubator for two uses!

Special Bonus

Keeping in mind the phrase “save your candies”, we could image that this event could be giving trainers double experience for their actions, or maybe even double stardust! But that remains to be seen.

Unfortunately, we have to wait a few more weeks to discover what Niantic has prepared for us in this special holiday. In the meantime, keep playing and continue dreaming about the amount of surprises we can be enjoying for Easter!

  • the2000guy

    In the Dragonite article, Gyarados should be added to have Dragon Tail and Outrage. Dragon Breatn and Dragon Pulse are legacy moves now. Also, the movesets combination table has a lot of mistakes. Dragonite can no longer learn Dragon breath neither Dragon Pulse nor Dragon Claw, so it is impossible to obtain a Dragonite with Dragon Breath and Hurricane or other combinations of the newest moves after gen 2 arrived with the legacy moves. Please fix that because might create a lot of confusion (and I’m not referring to Exxegutor).

  • Chuck Mayer

    you CAN find Togetic in the wild

    • Junior Carvalho

      yeah, i did find it twice.. kinda rare but 😛

    • Flor Olivera ㋡

      You CAN find Togetic in the wild, that’s what the article talks about.
      “Another option for this event is an increase of wild Togetic appearance and the possibility to catch wild Togepi as a present for trainers, considering that we can’t catch them in the wild form at the moment”
      But we CAN’T FIND TOGEPI in the wild now!
      That’s the point of this part of the article

  • Rhayn3

    Maybe save your candies is relative to a stardust reduction for power ups in regards tel the gym rework. If they are rebalancing CPs & Pokémon are adjusted to lower CPs, it would seem plausible to allow easier power ups in order to give individuals their “standings” back in that respect.

  • GonzoI

    There is also the possibility of Incubator and Lucky Egg sales in the shop similar to the package deals they had during Christmas and New Years.

  • Isthatbvv

    Maybe the increase of Chanseys? Because Chansey is still holding an egg in its pouch…