EX Raids are now live in Japan


the world first EX Raid has happened in Japan! The Japanese Pokemon GO fan site called GameWith has live streamed the first EX Raid encounter.

The video shows the entire encounter, interaction with the exclusive raid pass, combat, etc. Unfortunately, the player wasn’t lucky enough to  catch the Mewtwo, despite it’s high catch rate.


The action starts around 30:00, while the capture encounter starts around 43:00.

A few things to note:

  • You receive the usual amount of Premier Balls, and not 50 Premier Balls like on the Yokohama event
  • Mewtwo is surprisingly hard to catch
  • ProdigyNations circle-fixing trick works just fine
  • Finally we know how the Lugia UI element looks in the actual game map

Important screenshots:

Raid appears at a fixed, Mewtwo spawns atop of the EX Raid Gym
Fighting Mewtwo is similar to any other Raid
Premier Balls are awarded using the usual raid reward mechanism
The Mewtwo capture encounter
Capture Encounter ends, EX Raid marker is still displayed when clicking the gym