FastPokeMap is back online, even after all the drama and all the attempts to take it down, it’s still up and running. Which is completely crazy considering all the drama with the API and leaks a few days ago. If you missed all of it, make sure to read up in our previous article.

It seems the devs are not releasing a public API any time soon, but according to a Pokemon GO development subreddit, a transparent API is in the works. It is yet to be seen how successful the community will be in Reverse Engineering the 0.43.4 API without the help of FastPokeMap developers.

FastPokeMap is working again, November 2016

This is good news for a lot of players, especially with the Halloween event coming to an end. The users seem very happy with FPM coming back from the dead. One of the reddit commenters explained it perfectly:

“While I’m sure you have loud minority yelling bad things, just know you there are millions of users that love your product and appreciate your effort.
Kudos.” – source

You may be quite surprised when you consider how many players use FPM with the in game tracker not working. It’s estimated that more than 7 million players use it every day, which is a significant part of the player base. This is not the end of good news, as more trackers are working on cracking the API in parallel to FPM.

Another tracker called Pidgey Finder just announced they had their first successful API call to Niantic’s servers, hinting that FastPokeMap is getting some serious competition in the field of PoGO Trackers.

It’s not unlikely to expect downtime for both services, but we finally have multiple teams working on cracking the same API at the same time, which only means good things for the player base.