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Bounsweet Community Day was just teased! Niantic has shared a teaser video on Twitter, clearly showing a Bounsweet jumping out of the bushes. A shadow of a flying Toucannon is also clearly visible, and we know that the Pokémon Sun Pokédex says that Toucannon’s eat Bounsweets because they smell so good.

Bounsweet jumps out in the last two seconds, just after Toucannon finishes flying over:

Without a shadow of a doubt, the next Community Day Pokémon is… Bounsweet! We don’t expect to see Toucannon as part of this event, despite it’s appearance in the teaser trailer. 

Bounsweet Community Day


Based on the Pokémon GO May 2024 Event Guide, we know that this year’s May Community Day takes place on May 19, 2024, from 2 p.m. to 5:00 p.m! Shiny Bounsweet ✨ will be released during the event, making shiny Steenee and shiny Tsareena obtainable by evolving Bounsweet:

Bounsweet is a pure Grass-type Pokémon, boosted by Sunny weather, and not often found in the wild outside of events. It is a pretty unique Pokémon from the Alola Region, with an interesting evolution line.

Both Steenee and Tsareena keep their pure Grass typing, and gain some interesting Fairy and Ice-type moves, but unfortunately, are often overshadowed by other Grass-type attackers. Tsaarena ranks as #19 on our Best Grass Attackers list, which is not great, but there are simply too many Shadow Grass attackers ahead, plus Kartana, Zarude, Mega Venusaur, and Mega Sceptile.

We are not even counting Sky Forme Shaymin, as that’s a pretty wild Pokémon to have, but you get the picture. Tsareena is a pretty, well designed Pokémon, that can’t keep up with most Grass-type attackers you already have. Which is really a shame, because it’s an awesomely designed Pokémon line.

What bonuses and moves we expect?

We expect the following bonuses as part of of the usual Community Day proceedings:

  • Increased duration of Incense and Lures, thematic Field Research and Photobombs, 
  • A super exotic exclusive move for Tsareena like Aromatic Mist Fairy, High Jump Kick Fighting, or Trop Kick Grass. Niantic has a knack for giving undervalued Pokémon super exclusive Community Day moves, potentially to boost it in Trainer Battles
  • Steenee in Tier 4 raids (should be soloable, but we’ll publish a Tier 4 guide just as precaution)
  • We are also expecting some pretty hefty Candy / XP / Stardust bonuses for this event, as Bounsweet could be a divisive choice for a Community Day event

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