How to find Raid Battles

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USER GUIDE | Submitted by Alejandro Contel A helpful beginner’s guide on how to find Raid Battles in Pokémon GO.

Raid battles will appear in the nearby tab on the lower right corner. Once you are on the nearby tab, swipe right or tap on Raid to see if there are any raids nearby.

If there is a raid nearby, you will see a number inside an orange circle indicating the total number of raids in range, and also the gym at which they take place.

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Understanding Raid eggs and Timers

The egg color indicates the raid tier, being pink if it is a level 1 or 2 raid battle or yellow if it is a level 3 or 4 raid battle, which is the current maximum level for raids.

The numbers below the gym picture indicate the egg hatching time in military time. As an example, the tier 4 egg in the middle will hatch at 3:33PM.

Clicking on the gym image shows the exact location on the map where the raid battle will take place. Furthermore, a notification on the upper side of the screen will indicate that a nearby raid is starting soon with 2 hours of margin to prepare for the battle.

Once the raid egg hatches, the gym will no longer be accessible to battle it, and the raid battle can begin.

Raid Rewards and Re-try mechanics

If the raid boss is defeated, some rewards including Fast and Charged TMs, Golden Razz Berries, Revives and Rare Candies can be obtained. The greater the raid boss tier, the greater the number of rewards that are likely to be obtained. Moreover, 3000 EXP will be awarded to each trainer that defeats the raid boss.

The raid boss will take over the gym for exactly one hour and trainers have 180 seconds to defeat the raid boss. If the raid boss is not defeated within this time, a “Time is up” message will appear and the battle will finish. If that is the case, the challenge can be tried again from scratch as long as the raid boss is still there.

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