we’ve been hard at work for the past three days and the results are finally here! Our Generation II Egg chart now includes the initial list of Generation 1 Pokémon! 🙂 There is a few words of caution we need to share about this chart, just to avoid confusion.

This is an initial list, meaning contents of the chart are volatile and change hourly/daily as new data comes in.

Some Generation II Pokémon were not reported to hatch out of Eggs. We are trying the verify whether they do or do not hatch from eggs.

The chart is valid only for Eggs collected after February 17, or to be precise, after Generation II was released.

There are a number of hot topics still, most notable whether regional hatches hatch or not from Eggs. Submit your verification videos on Twitter if you can confirm they hatch.

And that’s about it. The chart is now live, let’s see where this takes us!