With Sun and Moon only 3 days away, it’s time to talk about starters. You know, that not-so-little decision you make at the start of your new Pokémon adventure and you keep rethinking all the way to the credits? Yeah, let’s talk about it.

It’s Sun and Moon hype time at Pokémon GO Hub. Even though we’re “officially” Pokémon GO oriented, we enjoy the core series way too much not to join in and share the fun with Sun and Moon.

We hate picking starters.

There we said it. It’s stressful and we always end up rethinking our choices. To help us, and you, fight that stress, we’ve build something new. Our new guide, fresh out of the press, is oriented towards starters.


Introducing our Pokémon Sun and Moon Starter guide, complete with stats, abilities and analysis. Movepools are coming REALLY soon, actually as soon as we figure out a good way to represent 600 moves and 16 categories, but it’s coming.

What starter should you pick?

If you want to be competitive, it’s rather simple this generation. Decidueye is too slow and lacks basic support moves, Primarina is also slow and too niche with it’s high Specials, which leaves only Incineroar as a bulky aggressor.

However, if you’re not going competitive, then you have a bit more room for maneuvering. As we said before, here’s the breakdown of starters:

  • Decidueye (Grass / Ghost) is slow, but well rounded and comes with interesting moves like Spirit Shackle (prevents opponent from escaping)
  • Incineroar (Fire / Dark) is bulky, slow and comes with enough Attack to counter that low speed. Also, Throat Chop is crazy against Pokémon who produce sounds.
  • Primarina (Water / Fairy) is basically the safe option here, with strong Specials, great typing and good niche usage.

In our opinion, you should go with Incineroar. However, don’t listen to us, or anyone else. Pick whatever you want and enjoy this amazing, possibly the best, Pokémon game we had in years.