January 2017 To Do list: read, level and farm is the name of the game!

Happy New Years Trainers (a bit late, but hey, better ever than never)!

2016 was a curious year, we can’t argue that, but we have a feeling that 2017 is going to be a good one. We’ve already celebrated the first six months of Pokémon GO, seen the impact of a free daily incubator and Generation 2 has started rolling out, finally. Now, it’s time to stop being emotional and nostalgic – we got work to do!

For this January, we’ve prepared a strong TO DO list for Trainers who are catching up with the game, but we must warn you: it includes a lot of reading, learning and farming.

Let’s get started.

Top 3 Pokémon GO guides you need to read now

We recently opened up submissions for our User Guides section and we are already proud to host a strong selection of well written and well researched user guides. These 3 guides are a must read for anyone coming back to the game or looking for some quality Pokémon GO reading material:

Don’t be shy to swing by our User Guides section and checkout more guides that get published on a daily basis.

Things to do in Pokémon GO

Given the recent developments with Gen 2 being introduced slowly, you still have time to prepare for the widespread release. We have a few tips up our sleeve, sorted by priority:

  1. Level up to 30 – at Level 30, you will unlock the maximum potential of wild Pokémon encounters, preparing you for the upcoming generation perfectly
  2. Farm Crossover Candy – just check our Cross Generation candy, make your pick (Blissey!) and start walking that Poké Buddy of yours
  3. Start amassing Poké Coins – it’s just about time you learn how to defend Gyms properly, so head out to our Gym defense starter and learn how Movesets, and not CP, can help you to defend longer
  4. Hatch all Baby Pokémon – more of a novelty, but still, fill that Pokédex with your missing Baby variants

As you can see, it’s quite a hectic month in Pokémon GO, if you chose to pursue the end game Trainer route. It’s still not sure when and how the Generation II will be released, but preparations are in order.

Happy hunting and stay safe Trainers!

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