Lunatone and Solrock

 Seviper Barboach and Whiscash 

Pokemon GO Solrock and Lunatone are Pokémon representation of the Sun and the Moon. They share the same stats and maximal Combat Power: 2245. Solrock and Lunatone share the same rock and psychic typing.

Of particular note are the mighty Lunatone and Solrock, which can be found throughout the world, but never in the same region at the same time.

Both Solrock and Lunaton love Windy and Partly Cloudy weather

Lunatone and Solrock stats in Pokemon GO
ID Sprite Pokémon ATK DEF HP MAX CP
337 Lunatone
rock psychic
178 163 180 2245
338 Solrock
rock psychic
178 163 180 2245

Position in the meta game

Unfortunately both Lunatone and Solrock feature mediocre stats, weak Max CP and an easily counterable type combination. We don’t see any potential as a Raider, nor even as a Gym defender/attacker.

In addition, Lunatone and Solrock don’t have a future evolution or a mega evolution. Did someone order two Pokédex fillers?

Lunatone and Solrock Moves

Best moveset: Confusion/ Rock Slide

Good moveset with above average DPS benefiting from STAB.

Rock Slide does a bit higher DPS and gets a bit less energy, but even though it is alot faster then Confusion, Confusion does alot higher DPS when combined with any charged move.

Rock Slide’s is best you can get from those two, but Solar Beam on Solrock can prove usefull in some scenarios.

This meteoric duo’s move pool:

  • Rock Throw rock (quick)
  • Confusion psychic (quick)
  • Psychic psychic (charged , 1 bar)
  • Rock Slide rock (charged , 2 bars)

with only difference in one charged move:

  • Lunatone has – Moonblast fairy  (charged , 1 bar)
  • Solrock – Solar Beam grass  (charged , 1 bar)

Shiny Lunatone and Solrock variants

A normal Lunatone is cream colored, with deep red eyes. A normal Solrock is orange in color on the middle portion of its body. It also has eight yellow rock spines on its sides. It has small yellow rocks running vertically along its center, and has yellow eyelids and red pupils.

A shiny Lunatone is white colored, with blue eyes. A shiny Solrock is very similar to its normal counterpart except for the brown color on the middle portion of its body.

Fun fact: Lunatone and Solrock are genderless.

Shiny Lunatone and Solrock
Lunatone Solrock

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