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Pokémon GO Luvdisc is a Water Pokémon that closely resembles a pink, heart shaped fish, very fitting to its name. It does not evolve from any Pokémon, as well as it does not evolve into any Pokémon. It’s gender ratio is 25% male / 75% female. It has a Max CP of 735 and has a lackluster ATK (81), a slightly better DEF (134) and a low STA (86).

Obviously not the best water type, it is just slightly better than the notoriously weak fish, Magikarp and Feebas.

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Luvdisc stats in Pokemon GO
ID Sprite Pokémon ATK DEF HP MAX CP
370 Luvdisc 
81 134 86 735

Luvdisc in the Pokémon GO meta

Luvdisc pales in comparison to many of the main water types of the game such as Vaporeon and Gyarados, which both exhibit much higher CPs, and individual stats. Gyarados is difficult to obtain, but Vaporeon is an easy Pokémon to get and is very popular in the meta. Using a battle simulator called Pokebattler can give us a true idea to how well Luvdisc matches up against Gyarados and Vaporeon.

Against a simple level 1 raid boss, Charmeleon, these Pokémon were given the same levels and the best water type moves they had, as well as it being clear weather. Vaporeon was able to defeat the Charmeleon with 80% of it’s health left. Gyarados was victorious with 73% of its health left. Luvdisc was not victorious against the Charmeleon, fainting and leaving its opponent with 18% health left.

With this kind of output, it seems that this will not be the main attacker or defender of any gyms, but it will make a nice novelty Pokémon.

As a Water type, Luvdisc takes reduced damage from Fire, Steel, Ice and Water. Similarly, it takes super effective damage from Grass and Electric moves.

Pokémon GO Luvdisc Moves

Luvdisc does not have a very wide variety of moves it can learn and it’s Pokémon go move set seems to reflect that, as it gets mostly Water type moves as it’s utility.

Luvdisc has access to following moves:

  • Water Gun (Fast)
  • Splash (Fast)
  • Water Pulse (Charge 2 bars)
  • Aqua Jet (Charge 3 bars)
  • Draining Kiss (Charge 2 bars)

It’s best move set is: Water Gun/Water Pulse.

This move set deals the most damage because better coverage is not an option as it does not get any good moves to deal with its weaknesses.

Shiny Luvdisc in Pokemon GO

Shiny Luvdisc gives a whole new light to Luvdisc’s simple design, as its bright pink body turns to a bright and popping shade of yellow. It is hard to miss a shiny if they do release it!

Shiny Luvdisc

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