Salamence, Shelgon and Bagon

Pokémon GO Salamence Max CP Stats Moves

Pokémon GO Salamence is one of the most exciting additions to the game and the current meta, as it’s a beast in terms of CP (3532) and potential.

Along with Metagross and Slaking, Salamence is the top tier addition in Generation III. It’s basically the Gen 3 equivalent of Dragonite, although it’s better than Dragonite.

Salamence is so powerful that even it’s unevolved forms, Bagon and Shelgon top a lot of other Gen 3 Pokémon in terms of Max CP and stats.

Bagon made its anime debut in Let Bagons be Bagons, in which a Bagon, belonging to a Trainer named Michelle, tries to learn how to fly, a trait shared with a runaway Bagon in Pinch Healing.

ID Sprite Pokémon ATK DEF HP MAX CP
371 Bagon  
134 107 90 1053
372 Shelgon  
172 179 130 1958
373 Salamence
dragon flying
277 168 190 3532

Salamence in the Pokémon GO meta

Salamence comes as a breath of fresh air to Pokémon GO, especially after Tyranitar turned out to be a rather lackluster addition to the meta. We finally got a strong, undisputed, well rounded Dragonite challenger.

Salamence in Pokémon GO has elite stats, interesting typing and access to a very diverse movepool. Unfortunately, Salamence has a number of counters, due to it’s typing:

  • Salamence weaknesses
    • 156% damage from ice
    • 125% damage from dragon
    • 125% damage from fairy
    • 125% damage from rock

Evidently, Pokémon like Lapras, Cloyster and Walrein are going to be a threat, but other than that Salamence is safe and sound.

Pokémon GO Salamence Moves

Salamence has an amazing movepool in every of the core games he was a part of. We expect to see great things from Pokémon GO Salamence’s moves, especially when it comes to STAB coverage:

  • Dragon Tail dragon
  • Outrage dragon
  • Dragon Breath dragon
  • Flamethrower fire
  • Earthquake ground
  • Steel Wing steel

One of Salamence’s signature moves (Draco Meteor) is not yet implemented in Pokémon GO, but once Generation III becomes available, here’s a number of additional moves we expect:

  • Draco Meteor dragon
  • Fly flying
  • Thrash normal
  • Double Edge normal

Shiny Bagon, Shelgon and Salamence in Pokemon GO

The color of a normal Bagon is light blue with gray armor on it’s head and yellow underbelly. Evolving Pokémon GO Bagon to Shelgon makes him gain full body gray armor. It’s final evolution is Salamence, with blue body, orange wings and gray armor on it’s belly.

A shiny Pokémon Bagon has green body, yellow underbelly and gray armor. Shiny Shelgon changes the color of it’s armor to gray-green. Following the theme, a Shiny Salamence in Pokémon GO has a green coloured body.

Bagon Shelgon Salamence
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