Pokémon GO Relicanth

Pokémon GO Relicanth (Max CP 2557) is known as the “Longevity Pokémon” and has remained unchanged for 100 million years. Relicanth is a water and rock typed Pokémon, with no known evolutions.

Relicanth is basically a Gen III Omastar — same typing, similar CP, access to the same, if not equal moves and with a similar position in the meta game. We don’t expect Relicanth to be a Generation III regional in Pokémon GO, but we do expect it to be a relatively rare Pokémon.

If you come across a wild Relicanth, be sure to catch it and save no Berries in the process. As you can read below, it’s a worthy addition to your roster, no matter the IVs!

Relicanth stats in Pokemon GO
ID Sprite Pokémon ATK DEF HP MAX CP
369 Relicanth
water rock
162 234 200 2557

Relicanth in the Pokémon GO meta

Relicanth fills the same niche as Omastar, a super effective water rock type that’s perfectly suited to be a solid counter for any fire opponent, regardless of it’s tier.

If Relicanth was available during Gen I and II Raid Boss cycle, it would be a perfect counter to MoltresEntei and Ho-Oh Raid Bosses. Given it’s typing, access to a number of great moves and fairly substantial bulk, we expect Relicanth to be one of the best meta additions in Gen III.

However, remember that Relicanth, much like Omastar, can be easily countered by grass moves, especially with Solar Beam. Respect the Solar Beam!

Relicanth moves and best movesets in Pokémon GO

We expect Relicanth to have very similar moves like Omastar, with rock and water movesets being the norm. We’re secretly hopping for a Rock quick move combined with Hydro Pump, which would enable Relicanth to perform better in Ho-Oh raids (and other fire type encounters) than Omastar with any currently available moveset. Omastar with Rock Throw / Rock Slide is still better, but that’s a legacy moveset. 

Here are some moves that are expected to be a part of Relicanth’s move pool:

  • Aqua Tail water
  • Body Slam normal
  • Brine water
  • Hydro Pump water
  • Rock Slide rock
  • Stone Edge rock

Here are some moves that might be added to Relicanth’s move pool:

  • Ancient Power rock
  • Dive water
  • Head Smash rock
  • Magnitude ground
  • Muddy Water water
  • Rock Polish rock
  • Sandstorm rock
  • Skull Bash normal
  • Surf water
  • Whirlpool water

Shiny Relicanth in Pokemon GO

A normal Relicanth has a brown body, with a tan colored head, and tan colored patches on its body. It also has a red spot on both sides of its body.

A shiny Relicanth has a teal body, with a cream colored head, and cream colored patches on its body. There is also a red spot on both sides of its body, like its normal counterpart.

Shiny Relicanth

In the anime

Relicanth made its debut on the 276th episode of the Pokémon series (Advanced Generation: Episode 2) titled, “A Ruin with a View”.