Piloswine – piles of awesomeness!

USER GUIDE | Submitted by JovJov14I first saw Swinub​ on social media. It was posted in one of the groups that I joined about Pokemon go. When I saw the post, I really wanted to have one. Then I realized that living in a tropical country would make it difficult for me to catch those. Then I realized that doesn’t work like that all the time with Pokémon Go.

In all honesty, it wasn’t easy finding Swinub​ around my area. I had plenty to catch only because of the lures I place whenever I had time. I managed to collect enough and evolve on into a Piloswine​. I didn’t even realize that I had enough Swinub candies until earlier today. I was scrolling for a decent one to keep them I saw I had 50 or so candies. And like any other excited trainer, I checked for the best one and transferred everything else.

Piloswine just being awesome

Consider these things if you’re thinking about putting Piloswine​ on your team:

  • A Piloswine​ with a great set of IV can have up to 2283 CP
  • That should put your Piloswine​ on the upper tier of the gym.
  • Naturally, Piloswine​ is built with high HP and high ATK.
  • Having those good stats, it should be able to keep your Pokémon on that gym for a while, and it can definitely take care of it self up there.
  • Piloswine​ is an Ice-type and a Ground-type. Which means it very effective against Poison, Steel, Rock, and Electric-type Pokémon. (Already cancelled those opposing types due to having 2 types)

Piloswine, not-so-awesome

Now, let me tell you some negative observation I had with Piloswine:

  • The difficulty of finding and collecting Swinub​ candies in my area makes is challenging to even find one with a good set of IV.
  • The scarcity of Swinub​ makes it difficult to collect candies, thus having difficulty upgrading as well.
  • Piloswine​ is weak against Flying, Bug, and Water-type Pokémon. (Also cancelled those opposing types)

Piloswine battle experience

Like I said, it was not easy collecting Swinub​ candies, resulting in my 88.1 IV Piloswine not being upgraded completely. For this article, I had to walk around a park to find a gym with defenders in this particular CP range as well. This was crazy difficult!

Eventually, we did find some gyms and tested Piloswine. Here’s what I can share with you guys:

  • Yes, Piloswine​ had a good ATK, but it doesn’t really show how great the damage is in actual battle.
  • The execution of the fast and charge moves took longer than expected, thus Piloswine​ actually continued to received damage.
  • Dodging is pretty useless. (it’s not my phone. I tested it with other Pokémon)
  • It’s hard to find matches where Piloswine​ has type advantage
  • We did manage to battle a Dragonite​ with slightly higher CP, the battle actually yielded a great win for us. I think Piloswine​ might be a good match for them. (I’ll do more research on it, I’ll get back to you guys)

It’s highly recommended for Piloswine​ to be used as a gym defender. Using Piloswine​ in battles would only work great if matched with an opponent of type disadvantage. Since Piloswine​ has 2 types, I think being a defender makes use of those types more effectively.

As an example, I put Piloswine​ as a defender and battled it myself. Note that for this purpose, I attacked​ with Pokémon that has a higher CP.  As a defender, Piloswine​ can take down challengers that don’t have direct type advantage rather easy!

If there’s abundance of Swinub in your area, take advantage of it. Find one with a great IV, power it up and place him in a gym. It may not have the highest CP out there, but it can definitely be a good addition to your defending team.

Piloswine and Swinub moves


Move Type Power DPS STAB DPS
TackleNORMAL Rock slideROCK 5/80 19.80 19.80
Powder snowICE Rock slideROCK 6/80 17.80 18.55
TackleNORMAL Body slamNORMAL 5/50 18.15 18.15
Powder snowICE Body slamNORMAL 6/50 16.15 16.90
TackleNORMAL Icy windICE 5/60 14.10 16.35
Powder snowICE Icy windICE 6/60 12.10 15.10

Move Type Power DPS STAB DPS
Ice shardICE Stone edgeROCK 12/100 26.75 28.00
Ice shardICE AvalancheICE 12/90 21.65 27.10
Powder snowICE Stone edgeROCK 6/100 24.75 25.50
Powder snowICE AvalancheICE 6/90 19.65 24.60
Ice shardICE BulldozeGROUND 12/80 16.45 20.55
Powder snowICE BulldozeGROUND 6/80 14.45 18.05

Best of luck trainers!

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