Jimmy Derocher, a player from Austin has reached Level 38 merely an hour ago  as of this writing. Jimmy is a hardcore Pokemon GO player on a quest to reach level 40 in record time and quite possibly be the first in the world to do so.

The update was posted publicly in the Austin, Texas Pokemon GO Facebook group and Jimmy already announced that it should take him around 12 days to reach level 39.

Internet, meet Jimmy

He started his journey on Monday, September 5th and announced that he has until October 23rd to hit level 40. His goal was to spend less than $1000 worth of ingame currency during that period.

Here are some facts from his threads on TheSilphRoad, posted recently:

  • He started the challenge with around 13.2M exp remaining to level 40
  • His leveling speed is staggering: 50 000 XP/hour
  • He plays around 40 hours a week
    • 4 weekdays * 5 hours
    • weekend * 10 hours per day
  • His numbers are incredible:
    • 20,674 Poke Stops visited
    • 19,387 Pokemon caught, some popular ones:
      • 9 Dragonite
      • 2 Porygon
      • 4 Lapras
      • 6 Aerodactyl
      • 1900 Eevee
      • 2157 Zubat
      • 3698 Pidgey
    • 247 Eggs hatched
    • 1.2 million stardust
    • 93.1 km on buddy Lapras
    • 828 km tracked
      • gone up 15% since PGO+ release

We are quite hyped to see this incredible feat performed by an actual player. Up to this point, the only players to reach levels higher than 37 were bots and cheaters.

Jimmy's Loop
Jimmy’s Loop

Given that Jimmy is the original inventor of the Jimmy’s loop, we can’t think of anyone else who could perform such a feat.

Jimmy, godspeed you maniac!

  • Andrew

    Wow that is dedication for sure, i wonder how much weight hes lost since he started playing?. Good to see a legit player make it this far, but i think its way O.T.T but well done anyway. If i can make level 30 by 2017 i think ive done fantastic.

  • And here I was feeling like I was doing something with a goal to hit 30 by December!

    Well done Jimmy

  • Jerry Curl

    Jimmy, you absolute madman.

  • Duncan Coe

    That’s the Texas State Capitol there in “Jimmy’s Loop”

  • Anonymous

    https://www.instagram.com/brandontan91/ is a legit lvl 37 player.