Pokémon GO Chikorita, Bayleef and Meganium | Max CP, Stats and Moves


The Curse of Grass

Generation I offered very few high tier Pokémon for Grass loving trainers, with even the mighty Venusaur family line being a rather low tier. For hundreds of trainers worldwide, the Chikorita evolution line was expected to be a step in the right direction in terms of power, all around utility and versatility. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Chikorita family is far from a true Top Tier Pokémon family and it still doesn’t stand shoulder to shoulder with other Starter Families, especially when compared to Bulbasaur evolution line. Although this maybe sounds harsh, it doesn’t mean that Pokémon like Meganium are completely useless.

Chikorita, Bayleef and Meganium Max CP and Stats

The entire Chikorita family shares the same stat distribution pattern, with Attack and Stamina being roughly the same and Defense being around 1/3 of Attack. Surprisingly, the Defense stat of entire Family is still slightly higher than Defense of other starter families.

Given the stat distribution and potential movesets, Meganium is not a great in Gym offense, but is very good in Gym defense.

# Sprite Name MAX CP ATK STA DEF Total
152 Chikorita
801 92 90 37 304
153 Bayleef
1296 122 120 47 397
154 Meganium
2227 168 160 61 530

Meganium Best Moveset

Unfortunately, Chikorita and Bayleef don’t have access to any top tier Grass Moves, so they’re pretty much useless in Gym offense and defense. On the other hand. Meganium has access to two great Grass move sets and it’s also very hard to obtain a Meganium with bad moves:

  • Razor Leaf / Petal Blizzard
  • Razor Leaf / Solar Beam

Although both movesets benefit from STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus), real world performance is much worse than Exeggutor with Confusion/Solar Beam and Venusaur with same moves.


Move Type Power DPS STAB DPS
Vine whipGRASS Grass knotGRASS 7/90 23.15 28.95
TackleNORMAL Grass knotGRASS 5/90 22.30 26.65
Vine whipGRASS Energy ballGRASS 7/90 17.40 21.70
Vine whipGRASS Body slamNORMAL 7/50 19.00 20.45
TackleNORMAL Energy ballGRASS 5/90 16.55 19.40
TackleNORMAL Body slamNORMAL 5/50 18.15 18.15

Move Type Power DPS STAB DPS
Razor leafGRASS Grass knotGRASS 13/90 23.80 29.80
TackleNORMAL Grass knotGRASS 5/90 22.30 26.65
Razor leafGRASS Energy ballGRASS 13/90 18.05 22.55
TackleNORMAL Energy ballGRASS 5/90 16.55 19.40
Razor leafGRASS Ancient powerROCK 13/70 16.50 18.15
TackleNORMAL Ancient powerROCK 5/70 15.00 15.00

Move Type Power DPS STAB DPS
Razor leafGRASS Petal blizzardGRASS 13/110 27.65 34.60
Vine whipGRASS Petal blizzardGRASS 7/110 27.00 33.75
Razor leafGRASS Solar beamGRASS 13/180 24.85 31.10
Vine whipGRASS Solar beamGRASS 7/180 24.20 30.25
Razor leafGRASS EarthquakeGROUND 13/120 23.15 24.80
Vine whipGRASS EarthquakeGROUND 7/120 22.50 23.95

Closing Words

Meganium was supposed to be the Grass Lovers hero, not the one they deserve, but the one they needed. Unfortunately, it turned out to be neither, as its’ low stats and Max CP values hold him back against equivalent Generation I Pokémon.

Exeggutor is still the king of Grass Types in Pokémon GO.

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