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Pokemon GO Life Tips and Advices

Pokemon GO Life Tips and Advices
Pokemon GO Tips and Tricks

We found a great list of amazing life tips and advices for Pokemon GO players on reddit. Read more and stay safe trainers!


General advice

  • Have fun. If this game becomes a chore or a job, stop playing it.
  • There will be situations where you look like a dork playing Pokemon on your phone. That is fine.
  • Play with your friends/SO if you can.
  • If you’re capped at max inventory, do not micromanage it. edit: meaning if you trade 3 pokeballs for 2 balls and a potion at every pokestop, then it doesn’t make much of a difference in the long run. If you have 100 extra pokeballs that you can get rid of all at once, definitely worth.
  • You can evolve at least 60-70 pokes in the time of 1 lucky egg. You can do 100+ if you reset your app to skip the animation. edit/disclaimer: better results with newer phones. should have put this when I first wrote it, mb
  • Most animations, including egg hatching, evolving, and pokeballs shaking, are just for show.
  • If you spin a pokestop and get “Try again later,” you still get the items and exp from it.
  • If you take public transit to work and you enjoy smashing high level gyms, look around the map as you travel and take a mental note of where high level gyms are. Usually they will still be there by the time you clock out.
  • Also, if you take public transit, tap the pokestop a little before you get there so that it loads by the time your bus/train actually gets within range.
  • PoGo uses about 10 MB/hour. A decent battery gives 3-4 hours of play time.
  • The only things worth spending money on are incubators (imo).



  • You can find various methods of tracking in this sub. The easiest is still just being familiar with the area and knowing roughly where the spawn points are.
  • Try to cap everything you see, even Fearows and Pidgeottos. Stardust is a limiting resource. Pokeballs are generally not.
  • Spawn rates depend on the biome.
  • Spin to win.
  • The less you care about that Dratini, the more likely you are to cap it.
  • If you do care, don’t be stingy and razz ultra it. If you’re banking 100 ultras, that’s effectively 100 less bag space.
  • Wild spawns last for 15 min and have white rings under them. Lure spawns last for 3 min and have pink rings.
  • IVs and moves of each specific spawn are the same for all trainers. Only level is different.
  • What’s in an egg is determined when you swipe the pokestop, not when you hatch it.
  • Move out of other people’s way if you decide to suddenly stop because 4 things spawned around you. Look casual while doing so.



  • Help your lower level friends take gyms by attacking together.
  • You only need the same 5 or 6 pokes that you’ve been leveling to solo just about any gym.
  • Learn to dodge, even basic attacks. You can overcome even the worst type disadvantages by doing this.
  • Learn to switch when you’re almost dead.
  • If you know the enemy’s moveset and have the choice, use 1-bar specials against those with 3- or 4-bar moves and vice versa.
  • If you’re looking to cash in, take gyms in high traffic areas last. Conversely, if you can find somewhere with extremely low traffic (e.g. mausoleum), you can expect anything you put there to last for days to weeks.
  • You are not entitled to “your” gym.
  • IVs are not that important (but not completely useless). Attacker’s advantage outweighs a few IV percentage points. If you’re never going to power up a poke, then its IVs are meaningless.
  • Higher ranking gyms take more time to level up, but usually last longer and are more worth it to level, especially in areas with low traffic.



  • You are not going to catch everything that you see.
  • You are not going to find everything that other people find. (I’m 30 and I still haven’t seen a Lapras or Snorlax, even though they’re in every gym around me.)
  • Just about everything you hear on reddit is said by a vocal minority. Sometimes very vocal and very minority.
  • Do not trust everything you see on reddit, even “analyses” with “proof.” Always think for yourself. <– life advice
  • Puck all these Fidgeys.