Recently, Pokemon GO has started crashing for a lot of people, even if they did not open the app at all. Usually, this crash is accompanied by “Unfortunately, Pokemon Go has stopped.” message on Android.

We got the full explanation and a guide on how to fix the issue.


Unfortunately, Pokemon Go has stopped

This error is a generic error that Android displays when an app crashes for any reason. Usually, at that time, the developers log the error and submit it to their logging server.

But the real question is why is Pokemon GO crashing in the background? Why is it even running in the background? By the looks of it, Pokemon GO does deploy some background hooks for syncing, collecting and exchanging data.

We’re not sure on why is it doing it, but it could be related either to Pokemon GO Plus device or collecting information on the players.

A number of users on reddit have expressed that they’re no longer satisfied with the app, with the latest problems pushing them to uninstall for good. Here’s what one user said:

“Thought my battery life has been a bit trash lately. Latest update forces background running when I haven’t opened the app in a month? On Android.

I’ll check out PoGo in a year after yall have added needed features, new Pokemon, and actual background running support Niantic. Yall aren’t gonna bug my phone up in the meantime.”

How to fix the error

There are multiple ways on how you can fix the error. Here’s a quick list:

  • Uninstall and then reinstall the app – the safest option
  • Force stop the app and then clear the app cache – usually works
  • Call support and beg for free Google play credit