According to a scientific study published recently, Pokemon GO is estimated to be responsible for 144 billion steps (*) walked in US. That’s a staggering number, but more important than that, it proves that Pokemon GO is the healthiest mobile app of all times.

Here are the quick facts from the study:

  • an estimated 144 billion steps were added to US citizen physical activity in the previous three months by Pokemon GO
  • Pokemon GO is the most health influential app in the history of mobile apps
  • If the trend continues, Pokemon GO will add 2.825 million years of additional lifetime to US players alone

Pokemon GO adds 144 billion steps in US

The data was collected from a sample of 32000 players over a period of three months. The players were identified through search queries and their activity was measured using standard phone sensors.


The study showed that Pokemon GO leads to significant increase in physical activity over a period of 30 days. Engaged players increased their activity by 1473 steps a day on average, a more than 25% increase to their previous walking activity.

Collectively, the study estimates that Pokemon GO has added 144 billion steps walked in US during the last three months. That officially makes Pokemon GO the healthiest app in history of mobile gaming:

“In particular, users demonstrating large engagement with Pokémon Go exhibit much larger increases in activity than users of any other app in our comparison” – 3.4 Comparison to Existing Health Apps

Surprisingly, results also showed that Pokemon GO has been able to increase physical activity across men and women of all ages, weight, status and prior fitness level.

It’s an incredible feat, as reaching low activity populations is a challenging task for the majority of fitness apps on the market. It’s “hard getting them moving” and Pokemon GO managed to do exactly that.

The study concludes, that if Pokemon GO was able to sustain the engagement of its current base, the game could add an estimated 2.825 million years of additional lifetime to US players alone.


(*) “Unfortunately only 35 billion of those steps were counted.” – great joke by cabbius