Raid Survival Guide

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Pokemon GO Raids are now available worldwide to high level Trainers, so a Survival Guide is in order, summarizing everything you need to know about raids in one place.

Without further ado, let’s begin.

What are Raids in Pokémon GO?

Pokémon GO Raids are social cooperative battles against very strong Pokémon called Raid Bosses. Raids have exclusive rewards and special encounters which can help you fill your Pokédex, get great IV Pokémon and have fun. Up to 20 players per group can raid at the same time.Normal Raid Pass Pokemon GO

How to enter Raids in Pokémon GO?

If you’re high enough Level, you will get a notification saying that a nearby Raid is starting soon. In order to enter a Raid, you will need a Free or a Premium Raid pass. Upon entering, you will be added to a public Raid group (unless you joined a private group via the Raid password) and you will wait for the Raid to start in a Raid Lobby.

How do Raid Battles work?

Up to 20 Players can battle one Raid Boss per Raid group, multiple Raid groups are available. On the Raid Lobby Screen you will see the list of people in your Raid Group and you can see their stats.

Once the Battle starts, you attack the Boss in the same manner as you would attack a Gym: tap, swipe, dodge. In large groups, Bosses go down very fast.

Pokémon GO Fast TM
Pokémon GO Fast TM

What happens after you defeat a Raid Boss?

After you successfully defeat a Raid Boss, you will receive Raid RewardsPremier BallsTechnical Machines (TMs)Golden Razz Berry and Rare Candy. In addition, a “Bonus Challenge” will start, giving you a chance to capture the Raid Boss in a depowered, normal, Combat Power range. Raid Bosses have significantly higher IV values than their wild counterparts.

Raid Video

Credits for the video go to Reversal, a great Pokémon GO Youtuber.

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