Niantic has officially announced two new real world events taking place in the United States in September and October: Viva Calle San Jose (September 17) and Philly Free Streets (October 28)!

Both events are listed on the official Pokemon GO events page with the following descriptions:

  • Viva Calle San Jose (link)
    Explore San Jose through the lens of Pokémon GO – see new neighborhoods, connect with community members, and visit significant and interesting PokéStops.
  • Philly Free Streets (link)
    Explore Philadelphia with Pokémon GO by joining this community event and taking an adventure through Philadelphia, visiting historic locations, and meeting other players.

Interestingly, Knight Foundation (Niantic event partner) is a sponsor of the Philly Free Streets event.

No details were shared on what Pokemon GO players will be able to do, but we expect the usual “Niantic event package”:

  • Additional PokeStops
  • a fixed route to walk
  • increased spawns

We are not expecting any additional Unown letters or legendary Pokemon.

About the Viva CalleSJ program

Viva CalleSJ is a free program that temporarily closes miles of San Jose streets to bring communities together to walk, bike, skate, play, and explore the city like never before.

Each year’s event opens upwards of six miles of streets, through some of San Jose’s most iconic neighborhoods for people to come out and play for the day!

About the Philly Free Streets

Philly Free Streets is a people-powered initiative of the City of Philadelphia. Philly Free Streets temporarily closes streets to cars, inviting people to walk, bike, and play.