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Pokémon GO Absol is a dark type Pokémon with Max CP of 2280. Absol is a great glass cannon, especially with a strong moveset (aim for Snarl dark and Dark Pulse dark). With a great Attack stat (246), Absol fills a similar niche like Banette — a solid, mid tier, offensive glass cannon.

Absol has 120 Defense and 130 Stamina, which is low, but it does balance things out. Absol is available as a Tier 4 Raid Boss (Raid CP 26262) and a Shiny Absol form is available.

Max CP and Stats Table
# Sprite Pokémon ATK DEF STA MAX CP
359 Pokémon GO Absol stats and Max CP Absol
246 120 130 2280

Absol in the Pokémon GO meta

Absol is a perfect example of a glass cannon: heavy offensive stats, an interesting, but not too varied move pool and absence of any type of bulk. Aim for a Snarl moveset, as they tend to perform much better than Psycho Cut ones.

Aside from being a glass cannon, Absol has a mega evolution later on in the games, which makes it an interesting addition.

Absol lives in the mountains far from civilization. Pokémon GO trainers will encounter them in Mountain Biomes. Have look in your parks, gardens, or travel to the outskirts of the cities.

Absol Moves and Best Movesets

Absol’s best moveset (and the only viable one in our opinion) is Snarl dark / Dark Pulse dark. Absol has access to the following moves:

  • Snarl dark (quick)
  • Psycho Cut psychic (quick)
  • Dark Pulse dark (charged)
  • Thunder electric (charged)
  • Megahorn bug (charged)

The only viable moveset is Snarl/Psycho Cut with Dark Pulse. Aside from being a Dark type specialist, Absol hasn’t got a place in the current meta, hence opt for the best possible moveset.

Movesets with no STAB are considered very weak in comparison with others (weather boost included).

Shiny Absol in Pokemon GO

A normal Absol has a dark blue to gray body covered in white fur. It has a dark blue to gray scythe-like tail, and a dark blue to gray sickle-shaped horn on the side of its head.

A shiny Absol has a bright red body covered in white fur. It has a bright red scythe-like tail, and a bright red sickle-shaped horn on the side of its head.


In the anime

Absol made a major appearance on the 381st episode of the Pokémon series (Advanced Generation: Episode 107) titled, “Absol-ute Disaster”.

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