Sceptile, Grovyle and Treecko

 Torchic, Combusken, and Blaziken

Pokémon GO Sceptile (Max CP 2584), evolves from Pokémon GO Grovyle (CP 1508) and Pokémon GO Treecko (Max CP 923). It tops Pokémon GO Swampert, almost all of Gen 2 Starters and can pack a serious punch if you dodge properly, as its 140 Stamina is on the low end. The entire Generation III grass starter family in Pokémon GO is interesting, mostly due to their high attack stat and wonderful movesets!

It seems that the curse of grass we introduced in our Meganium family overview has finally been lifted.

Sceptile, Grovyle and Treecko stats
ID Sprite Pokémon ATK DEF HP MAX CP
252 Treecko
124 104 80 923
253 Grovyle
172 130 100 1508
254 Sceptile
223 180 140 2584

Position in the meta game

Sceptile (and the entire Treecko family) has turned out to be an amazing addition to Pokemon GO. With stats skewed towards offense, Sceptile has access to a variety of great moves, which makes it one hell of a grass type to have in your team.

We often praise Solar Beam as an example of a great move, but Sceptile has something even better: a tri bar, energy efficient, high DPS grass type move called Leaf Blade. 

From our simulations, this move outperforms Solar Beam wielders by 24-31% of average, offering more stability and consistent damage output.

Sceptile Best Moves and Movesets in Pokémon GO

As already mentioned above, a lot that’s great about Sceptile comes straight from it’s move pool. Pokemon GO Sceptile best moveset is Bullet Seed with Leaf Blade, a double grass moveset that benefits from STAB, has high energy return and a three bar charge move. You can also run Fury Cutter as a quick move, but we prefer to have a STAB benefiting move as a quick move in our setups. With this moveset, Sceptile can almost outperform Exeggutor in the same role.

Curiously, an Aerial Ace Sceptile can be used as a nice counter to grass type opponents, although there are better Pokemon for that role.

Sceptile has access to the following moves:

  • Fury Cutter bug (quick)
  • Bullet Seed grass (quick)
  • Leaf Blade grass (charge, 3 bars)
  • Earthquake ground (charge, 1 bar)
  • Aerial Ace flying (charge, 3 bar)

Shiny Treecko, Grovyle and Sceptile variants

Shiny variants of the Grass starter family are teal colored, with their torso and jaw colored in a yellow hue, similar to the color of sand. Notably, feathers and tails also change color. Sceptile eyes also change to a red hue if it’s shiny.

Treecko Grovyle Sceptile

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