Pokemon GO Kricketune
Pokemon GO Kricketune

Pokemon GO Kricketune is a cricket looking Bug-Type that evolves from Kricketot for 50 Candy. Kricketune is the Generation IV equivalent of Raticate, Linoone and other similar weak two-stage evolutions. Kricketune has a Max CP of 1523, with 160 Attack, 100 Defense and 154 Stamina.

For a detailed stat breakdown, please checkout our Kricketune database page. Kricketune is a second stage evolution Pokemon that is not expected to be a raid boss.


Kricketune position in the meta

We already mentioned that Kricketune is a weak Pokemon, but it takes a chart to truly appreciate just how low Kricketune’s stats are. The following table compares high tier Bug types across all generations with Kricketune (last row) and highlights the difference in stats.

Pokemon Max CP Attack Defense Stamina
Buzzwole 4286 259 259 214
Volcarona 3555 264 210 170
Genesect 3056 252 199 142
Heracross 2938 234 189 160
Yanmega 2873 231 172 172
Scizor 2801 236 191 140
Kricketune 1523 160 100 154

As you can see, Kricketune has almost 50% lower Max CP than Heracross has, not to mention Volcarona (Gen V) or Buzzwole, an Ultra beast expected to come to Pokemon GO with Generation VII. Scizor, who is commonly referred to as the most useful Bug type in the current meta alongside Heracross, can eat Kricketune for breakfast (and probably does).

Kricketune moves

Kricketune’s move pool is limited, as the core game series don’t give it much to pick from. We expect a mixture of Bug-type signature moves, maybe with Rock Smash and Night Slash thrown in for fun, but we think that the following list contains more or less all the moves it can potentially have.

  • Bug Bite Bug
  • Struggle Bug Bug
  • Hidden Power Normal
  • Aerial Ace Flying
  • Fury Cutter Bug
  • Night Slash Dark
  • Bug Buzz Bug
  • Rock Smash Fighting

So what’s Kricketune’s best move? With stats as low as they are, Kricketune shouldn’t be optimizied via TMs nor should you worry about its best move set.

Kricketune family overview

Kricketune evolves from Kricketot, an equally weak Bug-type, for 50 Candy which makes it unpopular for evolution farming purposes.

Kricketot => 50 => Kricketune

Fun facts

  • It signals its emotions with its melodies. Scientists are studying these melodic patterns.
  • Kricketune has very little signature appearances or interesting events in the anime. Even Gamefreak forgot about it.