Author Update 10/16/2018: This will be changing rapidly, with the advent of moves being available now in the Game Master, as well as the CP re-balance being announced and implemented. 

Pokemon GO Dialga is a legendary Dragon Steel type Pokémon that is introduced in Generation 4 as part of the Creation Trio, along with Palkia and Giratina. Dialga has top-tier stats, sporting a post-nerf Maximum CP of 4038, an Attack of 275, a Defense of 211, and a Stamina of 205.


Steel Types:

Pokémon Type CP ATK DEF STA Gen
DialgaDialga Steel Dragon 4038 275 211 205 IV
ScizorScizor Bug Steel 2801 236 191 140 II
MetagrossMetagross Steel Psychic 3644 257 248 160 III
HeatranHeatran Fire Steel 3754 251 213 209 IV
MagnezoneMagnezone Electric Steel 3205 238 205 172 IV
JirachiJirachi Steel Psychic 3090 210 210 200 III
SteelixSteelix Steel Ground 2439 148 333 150 II


Dragon Types:

Pokémon Type CP ATK DEF STA Gen
DialgaDialga Steel Dragon 4038 275 211 205 IV
ZekromZekrom (Assuming Nerf and Current Changes) Dragon Electric 4038 275 211 205 V
PalkiaPalkia Water Dragon 3991 280 215 189 IV
ReshiramReshiram (Assuming Nerf and Current Changes) Dragon Fire 4038 275 211 205 V
GiratinaGiratina Altered Forme Ghost Dragon 3379 187 225 284 IV
GiratinaGiratina Origin Forme Ghost Dragon 3683 225 187 284 IV
GarchompGarchomp Dragon Ground 3962 261 193 239 IV
RayquazaRayquaza Dragon Flying 3645 284 170 191 III
SalamenceSalamence Dragon Flying 3532 277 168 190 III
DragoniteDragonite Dragon Flying 3581 263 201 182 I

Possible Movesets:

As of 10/16/2018 at approximately 8AM PDT, Dialga was updated into the Game Master to have: Dragon Breath and Metal Claw for Fast Moves, and Draco Meteor, Iron Head, and Thunder for Charge Moves. 

Based on main game level-up and TM moves that Dialga has available, that are also available in Pokémon Go, save for Roar of Time, its exclusive move, which is worth a mention as there are in-code exclusive moves like Origin Pulse and Precipice Blades. Bold indicates Same Type Attack Bonus (STAB).

Fast Moves Charge Moves
Dragon Breath Dragon [Chosen] Dragon Claw Dragon
Outrage Dragon
Dragon Pulse Dragon
Roar of Time Dragon
Flash Cannon Steel

Dragon Tail Dragon
Draco Meteor Dragon [Chosen]
Iron Head Steel [Chosen]
Overheat Fire
Fire Blast Fire
Metal Claw Steel [Chosen] Power Gem Rock
Ancient Power Rock
Flamethrower Fire
Rock Tomb Rock
Stone Edge Rock
Iron Tail Steel Rock Slide Rock
Thunder Electric [Chosen]
Thunderbolt Electric
Hyper Beam Normal
Hidden Power Aerial Ace Flying
Brick Break Fighting
Earthquake Ground
Shadow Claw Ghost Bulldoze Ground
Blizzard Ice
Ice Beam Ice

Dialga in the Meta

Being able to see Dialga after its stat rework and 9% nerf is certainly disheartening. While it may have the resistances of Steel typing to make it somewhat prominent, the lack of a good move pool and the nerf really drop it from its expected usage.

Now seeing what Dialga has, it is almost as bad as it could have been. Draco Meteor is somewhat serviceable, being comparable to Outrage, but being worse on the aspect of a single bar charge move that opens up chances for lost energy. Meanwhile Dragon Breath is a straight out nerf, it is worse than Dragon Tail in every way, so the ‘mons with Dragon Tail have a default leg up on the Time God. Palkia with Dragon Tail and Draco Meteor, as well as Garchomp with the glorious Dragon Tail and Outrage it has, will almost certainly do better.

Meanwhile its Steel usage is pretty nice to be honest. As predicted, it has the high energy gain Metal Claw, as well as the nice Iron Head to make for a decent charge move. This will easily place it among the top Steel types. However, it will most certainly not be the best, as Metagross with Meteor Mash, although stats are indeed unknown for it, will almost certainly eclipse Dialga. After all, they are going to have similar stats after Metagross gets the rework, and depending on how Meteor Mash is, it can make up for the lacking stats it has behind Dialga.

Finally, it needs to be said that the Steel typing in combination with Dragon of Dialga makes is a resistant powerhouse. It is only weak to two types, Fighting and Ground, while boasting 10 resistances, with 2 double resistances to Grass and Poison, as well as being a Dragon not weak to Dragon. While this does open up Dialga to get smashed by Groudon and Machamp armies in raid, it also allows it in gym battling to be almost unrivaled, boasting huge power and a wide number of resistances to tackle any potential gym defender. Not to mention it is a Dragon that is not weak to dragons, making it extremely viable in raids.

That being said, a Tl;Dr for this day can be that unless they decide to change Dialga around before its eventual release, Dialga is going to play second fiddle due to bad Dragon moves and Metagross getting Meteor Mash.

Weather Influences:

Weather Pros and Cons
Sunny No Pros Boosts Super Effective Ground types
Partly Cloudy No Pros No Cons
Cloudy No Pros Boosts Super Effective Fighting moves
Rainy Boosts Thunder Electric moves No Cons
Fog No Pros No Cons
Windy Boosts Dragon Breath and Draco Meteor Dragon moves

Boosts Raid Boss

No Cons
Snow Boosts Iron Head and Metal Claw Steel moves

Boosts Raid Boss

No Cons

The biggest weather to look out for is Windy and Snow weather where Dialga as a raid boss gets boosted, while also looking to fight one in either Sunny or Cloudy where Groudon and Machamp will walk all over it.

Dialga Counters:

We will, at the time of its release write our usual raid guides, however we can look to see what will be the best time wise to attack a Dialga, via our Go Hub Simulator and general knowledge on its two counters: Fighting and Ground(Also Pokebattler, as partway through writing this guide, they added Gen 4 Legendaries to the database of raid simulations. Definitely check them out.)

Dialga raid counters
WEAKNESS Fighting Ground BOOSTED BY Windy Snow
Supreme Dialga raid counters
MachampMachamp Counter Fighting Dynamic Punch Fighting
It is a fact of life for Pokémon GO, if something is weak to fighting, Machamp will rear its head and go out swinging, boasting the highest neutral weather time to win over any other available counter to Dialga.
Excellent Dialga raid counters
HariyamaHariyama Counter Fighting Dynamic Punch Fighting
Fat Machamp is never far behind, with a very similar time to win but less deaths, as is the usual due to its higher bulk but -25 attack.
BreloomBreloom Counter Fighting Dynamic Punch Fighting
Breloom is a glass cannon, akin to Sharpedo and Gengar. If you have a good one, it is best to lead with it and deal as much damage in the beginning while Dialga charges up, otherwise a team full of these glass cannons are gonna shatter fast and leave you attempting to rejoin rather fast. Especially if it happens to have Steel moves.
BlazikenBlaziken Counter Fighting Focus Blast Fighting
Focus Blast nerfs Blaziken a little bit in the Fighting department, however its high attack can still lend itself well in a fight against this Time God.
GroudonGroudon Mud Shot Ground Earthquake Ground
Good Dialga raid counters
Time to win rises considerably from here, and these Pokémon are best kept to B-teams or used when a large group is active. Like almost any boss, it sometimes comes to strong generalists like Rayquaza and Salamence, although this becomes dangerous if it has a dragon moveset.
HeracrossHeracross Counter Fighting Close Combat Fighting
RayquazaRayquaza Dragon Tail Dragon Outrage Dragon
SalamenceSalamence Dragon Tail Dragon Draco Meteor Dragon
DragoniteDragonite Dragon Tail Dragon Outrage Dragon
MewtwoMewtwo Psycho Cut Psychic Focus Blast Fighting
PoliwrathPoliwrath Rock Smash Fighting Dynamic Punch Fighting
MoltresMoltres Fire Spin Fire Overheat Fire
RhydonRhydon Mud-Slap Ground Earthquake Ground

Shiny Dialga

Shiny Dialga will most likely not be available at launch, but it is reasonable to assume it will be in the game at some point. Basically Shiny Dialga just gets a little more green tinted all over.

Regular Dialga Shiny Dialga

Dialga Pokédex Entires

  • Diamond Entry: It has the power to control time. It appears in Sinnoh-region myths as an ancient deity.
  • HeartGold and SoulSilver Entry: This Pokémon completely controls the flow of time. It uses its power to travel at will through the past and future.
  • It was created, alongside the other two in the Creation Trio and the Lake Guardians, by what is thought to be the creator of everything: Arceus.
  • Its typing is unique, there are no other Steel Dragon type Pokémon in the series thus far.