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Pokémon GO Roserade is a dual typed Grass and Poison type Pokémon, and is one of many that evolve from a previously introduced Pokémon. It evolves from Roselia (Roselia also gains a ‘prevolution’ in Gen4, in the form of Budew), possibly when exposed to a Shiny Stone evolution item . It will likely also require 100 candies to evolve, in line with almost all other third stage evolutions.

Roserade has a MAX CP of 2783, with an ATK of 243, DEF of 206 and STA of 120, which puts it in the running for the best Poison type in the game, with a higher max CP than Muk.

Roserade in the Meta

In this chart, we will look at Roserade’s stats compared to some of the other prominent Poison and Grass types in the game.

Poison or Grass Type Max CP Attack Defense Stamina
Tangrowth 3110 207 219 200
Celebi (Mythical) 3090 210 210 200
Shaymin (Mythical) 3090 210 210 200
Exeggutor 2916 233 158 190
Leafeon 2849 216 254 130
Torterra 2825 202 197 190
Roserade 2783 243 206 120
Muk 2709 190 184 210
Gengar 2619 261 156 120
Sceptile 2584 223 180 140
Venusaur 2568 198 198 160

Roserade’s Attack and Defense stats are up there with the top Pokémon on this list, but its Stamina lets it down. Roserade certainly won’t contest the other Grass types leading the fight against the Water, Rock and Ground types after Gen 4 is released.

Roserade may however, be the strongest Poison type once it becomes available. Poison types don’t have much type coverage or prominence in the current meta game, but with dual Poison type moves, Roserade could at least be a useful attacker against the stronger Grass and Fairy types, like Tangrowth, Gardevoir, and Exeggutor.

If Roserade gets access to a Fairy type charged move, it would gain a very useful offensive advantage over Fighting types like Machamp (to which it would also have a defensive advantage), Dragon types like Dragonite and Rayquaza, and Dark types like Tyranitar.

Defensively, Roserade has resistance to Fighting, Water, Electric, Fairy and Grass type moves, but a weakness to Flying, Fire, Psychic and Ice type moves

Roserade’s Potential Movepool

Though there is no way to know for sure what moves Roserade will have, as it has a wide number of moves to learn and Pokémon Go always likes to throw curveballs move-wise. We can look at its main series movepool, the moves Roselia and other similar Pokémon already have access to, and other Grass and Poison moves already in the game, to compile a list of possible movesets:

Fast Moves Charged Moves
  • Razor Leaf Grass
  • Poison Jab Poison
  • Poison Sting Poison
  • Extrasensory Psychic (Egg Move)
  • Dazzling Gleam Fairy
  • Shadow Ball Ghost
  • Sludge Bomb Poison
  • Solar Beam Grass
  • Leaf Blade Grass
  • Mega Drain Grass
  • Seed Bomb Grass (Move Tutor)
  • Giga Drain Grass (Egg Move)
  • Grass Knot Grass
  • Energy Ball Grass
  • Venoshock Poison

Bold Indicates STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus), Italics Indicates a move that is not in PoGo currently. 

If/when abilities are introduced into Pokémon Go, Roserade may have access to Natural Cure, Poison Point and Technician.

Weather Influence on Roserade

With weaknesses to five different moves types, Roserade has more factors to take into account while looking at the weather. In weather that has pros, use Roserade all you want and let it tear through its enemies, but in the weather with cons, avoid using it against foes that may have super-effective moves.

The chart below will help you visualize what weather is beneficial or harmful for Roserade.

Weather Pros Cons
Sunny Boosts its potential Grass moves Boosts defenders’ super effective Fire moves
Partly Cloudy
Cloudy Boosts its potential Fairy & Poison moves
Windy Boosts defenders’ super effective Psychic and/or Flying moves
Snow Boosts defenders’ super effective Ice moves

Shiny Roserade

Shiny Roserade is quite similar to normal, except the difference in colour of the flowers at the ends of its arms; the red one becomes a light pink/purple, while the blue one becomes grey

Normal Shiny

Pokédex Entries and Facts

Roserade’s Pokédex entries from various games tend to focus on it’s strong leaning towards its Poison type abilities, which is appropriate due to that being it’s main place within the meta game; as a Poison type attacker:

  • Each of its hands contains different toxins, but both hands can jab with near-fatal power.
  • With the movements of a dancer, it strikes with whips that are densely lined with poison thorns.
  • Luring prey with a sweet scent, it uses poison whips on its arms to poison, bind, and finish off the prey.

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Roserade could very well end up as the strongest Poison type in game once Gen IV lands. As such, it well be a useful attacker against the stronger [grass] and [fairy] types, like Tangrowth, Gardevoir, and Exeggutor.Roserade Guide