Yanmega is a Bug and Flying type Pokémon. It evolves from a Yanma that levels up while knowing the move Ancient Power (very similar to Piloswine –> Mamoswine).

It is not known whether a move-specific evolution will be used in Pokémon Go, as this evolutionary method was first used in Generation Four. However, it will take 50 candies to evolve either way, so be sure to save up candies for this Pokémon.

Yanmega has a Max CP of 2873 with an Attack Stat of 231 and a Defense and Stamina stat of 172. This decent combination of stats puts it at the forefront of Bug type Pokémon.

Yanmega in the Meta

There is no clear winner in the Bug arena, where Yanmega will thrive. The Generation Four fly certainly soars in the bird arena as well, but faces fierce competition from many legendaries. Let’s take a closer look.

Bug Type Max CP Attack Defense Stamina
Scizor 2801 236 191 140
Heracross 2938 234 189 160
Yanmega 2873 231 172 172

Yanmega stands to become the best Bug type in the game. Heracross is constricted due to it’s status as a regional – it’s stats are there, it has access to both fast and charge moves of both of it’s typings (Bug and Fighting) but people will never likely see one without traveling. Scizor stats are comparable to Yanmega, but requires an evolutionary item. If Yanmega does not require Ancient Power to evolve, it will have far better accessibility than the prior two, even with Scizor’s previous evolution, Scyther, being a raid boss for a short time. FYI, Armaldo was not included on this stat list as it does not have access to a Bug type charge move.

Flying Type Max CP Attack Defense Stamina
Rayquaza 3645 284 170 191
Dragonite 3581 263 201 182
Crobat 2466 194 178 170
Ho-oh 3889 239 274 193
Staraptor 2675 234 145 170
Yanmega 2873 231 172 172
Drifblim 2387 234 145 170
Honchkrow 2566 243 107 200
Togekiss 3177 225 227 170
Gliscor 2602 185 248 150

While Yanma has access to Flying type fast and charge moves, there is no guarantee that Yanmega will. With that in mind, if Yanmega wants to remain a relevant Flying type Pokémon, it will have to know such a move, otherwise this conversation can be kept quite short.

With only two points behind Yanmega in Defense, Rayquaza is the premiere Flying type, having access to Air Slash and Aerial Ace. Dragonite with Hurricane does serious damage, and can be recommended safely even without a Flying fast move. Gliscor, Togekiss, Honchkrow, and Drifblim will likely see spotlight in their other typings (Ground, Fairy, Dark, and Ghost respectively.), even if their stats over-all dwarf Yanmega’s own. Staraptor is a glass cannon Flying type, and will see use as a Flying type. While having both fast and charge Flying moves, Crobat has a moderately worse attack stat. In addition, Poison is not a meta relevant type.

Moves that really ‘bug’ Yanmega are Electric, Fire, Flying, Ice, and Rock.

Yanmega resists Bug, and doubly resists Grass, Ground, and Fighting.

Yanmega is the ‘ants-ser’ for Grass, Dark, and Psychic because of it being a Bug type, and does decent damage against Bug, Grass, and Fighting because of it’s Flying type.

Expected Movepool

Based off of prior evolutions and what moves it can learn in the main series games, here are some moves that Yanmega is likely to be able to learn. (Thank you Bulbapedia for having the level up moveset!)

Fast Charge
Wing Attack Ancient Power
Quick Attack Aerial Ace
Bug Bite Silver Wind
Air Slash Bug Buzz

*Bold denotes moves that gain STAB bonus

Keep your fingers crossed trainers, as Yanma does not have a Bug type fast move. It will see some use either way, but will be so much more relevant if it does obtain a Bug type fast move.

Weather Influence

Weather Pros Cons
Partly Cloudy Boosts super effective Rock moves
Rainy Boosts super effective Bug moves Boosts super effective Electric  moves
Snow Boosts super effective Ice moves
Sunny Boosts super effective Fire moves
Windy Boosts super effective Flying  moves Boosts super effective Flying  moves

Shiny Yanmega

Normal Shiny

*shout out to pokemondb.net for the amazing Yanmega sprites!*

‘Mega’ Fun Facts on Yanmega

  • Yanmega can cause internal damage to its opponents by the mere flutter of it’s wings.
  • Also, people really want it to have a Mega-evolution for the sole purpose of saying “Mega-Yanmega” five times in a row really fast.

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Yanmega will be a featured [bug] type attacker if it has access to a [bug] fast move. It will likely have both fast and charge [flying] moves. It will lose relevancy (and stars) otherwise, as it does not make the best defender. We are in a [rock] meta, which completely smashes Yanmega. It will be great against the likes of Alakazam, but faces competition from the likes of Tyranitar in terms of effectiveness and resistance. Yanmega