Alolan Pokemon in Pokémon GO overview: stats, comparison and meta

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The time has come everyone, our analysis of all Alolan form Pokémon all in one place! This will be a comprehensive article about the stats and the unique typings of the Alolan forms as well as some deeper insight into a few of these forms and their place in the main series games. As such, this will not be so much of a meta relevant article as none of these Pokémon are prominent in the meta as it is. Sit back and relax, and let’s take a look at the stats of the Alolan Pokémon shall we?

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TLDR: Max CPs stay around the same, but some Pokémon are getting different meta roles.
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Rattata and Raticate

“Because urban areas are their main habitat, their diet is higher in calories than ordinary Raticate. As a result, they have become hefty.”

We do not need to focus much on Rattata at all, or any of the pre-evolutions, but they will be listed just for a feeling of completion.

Let us begin by looking at the stats of these two Alolan mons!

Pokémon Type Max CP ATK DEF STA
Alolan Rattata Dark Normal 588 103 70 60
Rattata Normal 588 103 70 60
Alolan Raticate Dark Normal 1587 135 159 150
Raticate Normal 1549 161 144 110

Between Rattata and Alolan Rattata we can clearly that there is no difference between the two of them, that they have exactly the same stats, something that we will see a lot throughout this article. However, between Raticate and Alolan Raticate there is a difference in stats!

Alolan Raticate has the higher CP, as well as a higher defense and a much higher health stat, making it basically the fatter of the two Raticates (literally… look at those cheeks). It suffers in its attack power, where normal Raticate excels. Of course, there is no instance where you would use a Raticate in an offensive battle, as it has mainly Normal type moves, which are not super effective against anything. Nonetheless, Alolan Raticate would be a Pokémon to use for the fun of it upon release, then likely benched for a while, unless you truly love using it.

Alolan Raticate also takes on a new Dark typing, which we can take a look at in the chart below.

Takes increased DMG from Takes decreased DMG from Dark Type is good against
Fairy x3 Ghost Psychic
Bug Dark Ghost
x2 Fighting X2 Psychic

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“Even Pokémon researchers don’t know why Raichu’s form changed in the Alola region. The people of Alola seem unconcerned by the question. Their guess: maybe it ate too many sweet and fluffy round pancakes!”

Pokémon Type Max CP ATK DEF STA
Raichu sprite from Sun & MoonAlolan Raichu Electric Psychic 2144 201 172 120
Raichu Electric 2025 193 165 120

Alolan Raichu definitely outclasses normal Raichu in every stat, though it is tied in the health department, both having a stamina of 120. With a higher CP, attack, and defense, if Alolan Raichu gets a good move set, it will one up Raichu in anything you may (for some reason) use it for already. It is by no means a great Electric or Psychic type, but the cute little pancake lover can find a use for something!

Takes increased DMG from Takes decreased DMG from Psychic Type is good against Electric Type is good against
Bug Electric Fighting Water
Ghost Fighting Poison Flying
Dark Flying
Ground Steel

One last note about Raichu is that its shiny will probably be available upon the release of Alolan forms, which can also mean shiny and regular, hat wearing, Alolan Raichu! Let your imagination go wild, I for one can firmly say, I want 20 of them.
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Sandshrew and Sandslash

“Sandshrew have historically lived in desert areas. But the frequent eruptions of nearby volcanoes drove the Sandshrew to abandon the desert and migrate to snowy mountains, where they took on this form.”

Pokémon Type Max CP ATK DEF STA
Alolan Sandshrew Ice Steel 1219 125 154 100
Sandshrew Ground 1194 126 145 100
Alolan Sandslash Ice Steel 2366 177 221 150
Sandslash Ground 2328 182 202 150

Whoa there, Alolan Sandslash, no one said you could get buff all of the sudden. Okay, it’s not really that buff, but it does see a pretty large increase in defense when compared to the normal Sandslash, though having a slightly lower attack. In the main series, it pairs well with Alolan Ninetales, its ability Slush Rush making it faster while hail is active, which Alolan Ninetales can summon upon entry. It is still not an outstanding Pokémon in Go, and without speed to back it up, has a pretty complicated typing which we will go into more depth about below.

Takes increased DMG from Takes decreased DMG from Ice Type is good against Steel Type is good against
Ground Normal Grass Ice
x2 Fire Grass Ground Rock
x2 Fighting Flying Flying Fairy
Psychic Dragon
x2 Ice

Have to admit that design is amazing, might just be enough to convince people to use it for just a little while, at least to show it off.
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Vulpix and Ninetales

“It is said that Vulpix came to the Alola region together with humans, but the Fox Pokémon moved to the snowy mountain peaks to avoid the normal habitats of other Pokémon, and thus it ended up taking on this form.”

Pokémon Type Max CP ATK DEF STA
Alolan Vulpix Ice 774 96 122 76
Vulpix Fire 774 96 122 76
Alolan Ninetales Ice Fairy 2184 170 207 146
Ninetales Fire 2157 169 204 146

These batches of Pokémon are hardly different, Vulpix being the exact same between the two forms and Ninetales only differing by at most, 3 points, in its stats. It is just barely ‘better’ than Ninetales, if we want to call it ‘better’. Their typings are the only things that truly differ between them.

In the main series, Alolan Ninetales is amazing with its use of the ability Snow Warning, which summons hail upon entry, and a move called Aurora Veil, which halves all damage taken by all allies for a set amount of turns. It is especially useful in doubles battles.

Ice and Fairy is a pretty unique typing, and in turn giving it a few interesting weaknesses and resistances.

Takes increased DMG from Takes decreased DMG from Ice Type is good against Fairy Type is good against
Fire Ice Grass Dark
Poison Bug Ground Fighting
Rock Dark Flying Dragon
x2 Steel x2 Dragon Dragon

Basically, Alolan Ninetales is a dragon slayer in its finest form. Better start TMing Steel Wing onto your Dragonites (I’m kidding).
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Diglett and Dugtrio

“The hair like growths sprouting from Diglett’s head are metallic whiskers. It’s said they developed these stiff yet flexible whiskers in order to survive in the hostile volcanic environment. The whiskers provide a sensory function, enabling Alolan Diglett to scan the surrounding area without exposing their faces aboveground.” “Alolan Dugtrio’s whiskers shine with a brilliance akin to golden hair.”

Ah, the most forgotten of the Alolan forms. I mean what??

Pokémon Type Max CP ATK DEF STA
Alolan Diglett Ground Steel 463 108 80 20
Diglett Ground 465 109 88 20
Alolan Dugtrio Ground Steel 1588 201 148 70
Dugtrio Ground 1333 167 147 70

That stamina though. Diglett does have one of the lowest base HP stats of every Pokémon, so it does make sense.

Alolan Dugtrio has a much higher attack stat than regular Dugtrio (Is that right? Hello, math? According to math, Dugtrio should have a higher attack stat, but we cannot argue with Niantic and their hand-made nerfs). Who knows if Alolan Dugtrio will receive a nerf post-release, only time will tell. Also, they share a previous typing, which not many of the Alolan forms do. Alolan Dugtrio is not a fan favorite, but some select people really love it, as always. Look at those fabulous locks. And while we look at that, let us look at its typing.

Takes increased DMG from Takes decreased DMG from Ground Type is good against Steel Type is good against
Fire Normal Fire Ice
Water Flying Electric Rock
Fighting Psychic Rock Fairy
Ground Bug Poison
Dragon Steel
x2 Rock
x2 Electric
x2 Poison

Overall, I’d say they are pretty good Pokémon. If only their stats were better, and maybe a little tankier, then they could make for a great gym defender.
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Meowth and Persian

“The round face of Alolan Persian is a symbol of the rich Alola region, and it is held to be a Pokémon of great beauty.”

Pokémon Type Max CP ATK DEF STA
Alolan Meowth Dark 680 99 81 80
Meowth Normal 638 92 81 80
Alolan Persian Dark 1615 158 139 130
Persian Normal 1539 150 139 130

Both Persian and Alolan Persian are known for their speed, and Alolan Persian also for its bulkiness, with a great ability in Fur Coat (halving the damage taken from physical moves) and the use of a status move called Parting Shot, that will lower the opponent’s attack and special attack before promptly swapping Persian out.

Nonetheless, Alolan Persian is a fat faced cat that everyone… loves?? Well it is kind of cute at least and shares Dark typing like the fat rat! What is with these fat Dark types?

Takes increased DMG from Takes decreased DMG from Dark Type is good against
Fighting Ghost Psychic
Bug Dark Ghost
Fairy X2 Psychic

Not sure how many people will be showing this one off, though only time will tell.
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Geodude, Graveler and Golem

“It fires rocks charged with electricity. Even if the rock isn’t fired that accurately, just grazing an opponent will cause numbness and fainting.”

Pokémon Type Max CP ATK DEF STA
Alolan Geodude Rock Electric 1193 132 163 80
Geodude Rock Ground 1193 132 163 80
Alolan Graveler Rock Electric 1815 164 196 110
Graveler Rock Ground 1815 164 196 110
Alolan Golem Rock Electric 2916 211 229 160
Golem Rock Ground 2916 211 229 160

Finally, a family of three, and it is like looking a mirror. A big, mustachio, mirror…. Their stats are the same across the different forms, that is what I am trying to get at!!

Despite having all the same stats, the typing does change across the Kantonian forms and the Alolan forms, giving the Alolan forms the Electric type instead of the Ground typing. What makes this Pokémon nearly amazing in the main series is its ability called Galvanize. This makes all Normal type moves used by this Pokémon Electric type, which is pretty useful, especially when using strong moves like Explosion or Return and getting a STAB boost on them.

Takes increased DMG from Takes decreased DMG from Rock Type is good against Electric Type is good against
Water Normal Fire Water
Fighting Fire Ice Flying
Grass Electric Flying
x2 Ground Poison Bug
x2 Flying

Alolan Golem might actually be a pretty fun Pokemon to use, with few weaknesses and a good amount of resistances. If it gets a good move set, it would be pretty nice to play around with.
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Grimer and Muk

“Toxins have accumulated in Alolan Muk’s body from its steady diet of various waste products and manufactured materials. This accumulation has brought about a chemical change, producing a new kind of toxin.”

Pokémon Type Max CP ATK DEF STA
Alolan Grimer Poison Dark 1269 135 90 160
Grimer Poison 1269 135 90 160
Alolan Muk Poison Dark 2709 190 184 210
Muk Poison 2709 190 184 210

Another mirror! The Alolan forms having the same stats as their Kantonian counterparts makes this easy. Although not many of these have meta relevance, they may be really fun to use.

Alolan Muk is amazing with its Gluttony ability, allowing it to consume berries at half health, where usually you can only consume them at one-fourth health. Poison Touch is also a useful ability for it, and with only one weakness, it is an absolute monster. In Go, it is much less useful, but that is okay too. With that one weakness, it might make for a colorful gym defender.

Takes increased DMG from Takes decreased DMG from Poison Type is good against Dark Type is good against
Ground Grass Grass Psychic
Poison Fairy Ghost
x2 Psychic

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“There are many Grass-type Pokémon—Marowak’s natural enemies—in the Alola region. This makes Alola a harsh environment for Cubone and Marowak. As a result, they live in close union with their partners. It’s said that their great care for their partners allowed them to gain something like a sixth sense and resulted in their changed form.”

Pokémon Type Max CP ATK DEF STA
Alolan Marowak Fire Ghost 1691 144 200 120
Marowak Ground 1691 144 200 120

Marowak’s stats are overall, and very sadly, trash. This is definitely sad, because Alolan Marowak has an amazing design and typing. In the main series, many people run it holding an item called a Thick Club, which doubles its attack stat. It is very predictable, but very fun to use. If only it could get a Thick Club in Go, to boost that poor attack stat.

Takes increased DMG from Takes decreased DMG from Fire Type is good against Ghost Type is good against
Water Fire Grass Psychic
Rock Grass Ice Ghost
Ground Ice Steel
Ghost Poison Bug
Dark Steel
x2 Bug
x2 Fighting
x2 Normal

Pairing its many resistances with a good amount of weaknesses makes it hard to use Alolan Marowak as a gym defender, but like Alolan Sandslash, its design might be enough for people to show it off in gyms for a while, at least shortly after release.
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“The environment of the Alola region, where strong sunlight pours down all year round, brought about this change in Exeggutor’s form. The people of Alola boast that the Alolan Exeggutor is the true form of Exeggutor.”

Pokémon Type Max CP ATK DEF STA
Alolan Exeggutor Grass Dragon 2882 230 158 190
Exeggutor Grass Psychic 2916 233 158 190

Although not quite the 3000 CP we had wanted, the meme, the legend, Alolan Exeggutor is still not a terrible Pokémon as a Grass or Dragon type. Though probably better as a Grass type, we all know that Alolan Exeggutor will be used for the fun, and the memes. If anything, I know I will be putting it in gyms, and I am sure a lot of other people will be as well.

Alolan Exeggutor finds its place in the main games, surprisingly, in shiny hunting. With a combination of the Harvest ability, which allows you to recycle eaten berries, and two moves called skill swap and trick, it can cause opposing Pokémon to never run out of PP (which is the number of times a move can be used) and can live infinitely. This allows the player to allow the never-dying Pokémon to call for help and knock out the help until it eventually calls in a shiny Pokémon. There are many in depth guides for this on the internet if you are interested in the ‘SOS Method’ of shiny hunting.

Since there is no method hunting in Go, we can look at other things. How does its typing fare in Pokémon Go?

Takes increased DMG from Takes decreased DMG from Grass Type is good against Dragon Type is good against
Poison Ground Water Dragon
Flying x2 Electric Ground
Bug x2 Water Rock
Dragon x2 Grass
x2 Ice

Prepare your Ice types (aka your Alolan Sandslash and Ninetales 😉 ), because you can bet these will be in gyms all over the world soon after Alolan forms are released.

Being the first form to be released in Go, Alolan Exeggutor has surprisingly found itself a powerful home in Kyogre raids. That double Electric and Water resistance helps. We hope all the Alolan forms can find a use like this one has!
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Final Words

And there we have it, a complete comparison and typing breakdown of all the Alolan forms that will be soon added to Pokémon Go! What do you think? Do they fall short of expectation? Will you still use them for fun? What form are you most excited for? Join us on our Discord server to contribute to the discussion!

All quotes are from the Pokémon Website for Alolan forms and all sprites are from PokemonDB.

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