April Fools 2-Oh? -22 Tasks and Rewards

April Fools 2-Oh? -22 is an event-exclusive Special Research quest line released as part of the 2022 Aprils Fools celebrations in Pokémon GO. This page contains all tasks required to complete it and rewards that you can obtain by finishing it.

The April Fools 2-Oh? -22 Special Research is available starting April 1st, 2022, at 12:00 am local time.

April Fools 2-Oh? -22 1/3


Task Rewards
Catch 10 Pokemon PokeBall icon 25× PokeBall
Catch 5 Normal-type Pokemon Potion icon 5× Potion
Make 5 Nice throws Nanab Berry icon 5× Nanab Berry


  • Candy icon 15x Ditto Candy
  • General icon 5x Razz Berry
  • Stardust icon 1000 Stardust

April Fools 2-Oh? -22 2/3


Task Rewards
Catch 10 Pokémon Great Ball icon 15× Great Ball
Catch 3 of the Transform Pokemon Super Potion icon 5× Super Potion
Transfer 10 Pokémon Pinap Berry icon 5× Pinap Berry


  • Candy icon 15x Ditto Candy
  • General icon 1x Silver Pinap Berry
  • XP icon 1500 XP

April Fools 2-Oh? -22 3/3


Professor Willow … … …
… … …

Do you… Do you think there’s a chance that other Trainers you’ve passed on the street were actually Ditto? I suppose there’s no way to know for sure… What a confusing but educational day this has been, %PLAYERNAME%. I hope you’ve enjoyed the Transform Pokémon’s shenanigans! Now, until next time, … … …!

Er… %PLAYERNAME%? Is it really you? Oh, thank goodness. I’ve had the most befuddling day. The Pokémon in the area were behaving strangely, so, as always, I turned to you to help me find out why—but to my confusion, you just stared at me blankly and bit straight into a Nanab Berry!

The next thing I knew, “you” had transformed into a Ditto! Or perhaps I have that backwards? Whatever the case, it seems that all the oddly behaving Pokémon I’ve seen today were in fact Ditto in disguise.

Hm? You noticed it too, did you? And you saw a Ditto that had transformed to look like me? Incredible! As you’ve experienced, Ditto have the fascinating ability to reconstitute their entire cellular structure to transform into whatever they see.


Task Rewards
Claim reward! Ultra Ball icon 10× Ultra Ball
Claim reward! Hyper Potion icon 5× Hyper Potion
Claim reward!
XP icon 3500 XP


  • Candy icon 15x Ditto Candy
  • Stardust icon 3000 Stardust
  • Ditto

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