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Bagon Community Day is arguably on of the most anticipated Community Day since the release of the feature, with Salamence already being a top tier Dragon attacker, and a long time favorite of many Gen 3 fans. With that in mind, here is your guide to getting the most out of this Community Day!

Bagon Community Day Guide
Bagon Community Day Event Time
Recommended Items for Advanced Players
Community Day Box
Bagon CP and IV & 100% Search String
Shiny Bagon, Shelgon, and Salamence
General Event Tips and Tricks

Bagon Community Day Times

Following Treecko CD, this event will have the same time pattern of happening from 3:00pm – 6:00pm in your local timezone on April 13th, 2019. Start and end times are not based on any specific time zone, I repeat, 3:00pm – 6:00pm your LOCAL time. Many were thrown off on Treecko Day, but hopefully, more people remember for this event!

Event Bonuses:

  • 3-hour Lure Modules
    • Do not set your lure until you see your first Bagon appear after 3pm, otherwise, it will not last the entire 3 hours!
  • 3x Catch XP
    • Though not an incentive for all the non-goal seeking level 40s of the world, 3x catch XP can mean a lot for the casual, or new, player! With an average straight throw and catching a Pokémon yielding 300xp on it’s own, add a lucky egg for catches to be worth 600xp a piece! Start adding curveballs and different tiers of throws, and you have a lot of XP gain in your future.

Here is an infographic overview of the event

Bagon Community Day

Bagon is only boosted by Windy weather, leaving most regions out of the league for weather boosted Bagon.

Salamence Exclusive Move: Outrage

If you evolve Bagon all the way to Salamence between 3:00pm and 7:00 pm, it will learn the exclusive move Outrage.

Make sure you do not have any connection or GPS issues while evolving, or else it might not get the move! Outrage puts Salamence in the running with Rayquaza and Palkia as great Dragon-Type Pokémon, and better than Dragonite as the new ‘non-legendary budget Dragon.’ Expect a full meta-analysis from us on Outrage Salamence, but until then, try to get as many as you can!

Item Recommendations for Bagon Community Day

As usual, here is a checklist of items to get before you head out to catch all the Bagon you can find!

  • Poké Balls: Though they raise the catch rate on Community Day, these rare Pokémon can still be buggers when it comes to getting them into the ball. Depending on how many spawns you usually find yourself with, you will need more than 100 Poké Balls and, if possible, that many Ultra Balls. Always Ultra Ball a shiny, they can run!
  • Berries: Razz, Pinap, and Golden Razz Berries are the essential berries to bring with you to these events. Razzes can help you grab the higher level, non-shiny, stubborn Bagon that do not want to be caught, while Pinaps help you maximize your candy gain from this event. Golden Razz should be used for shinies since you do not want them to get away! Because they should be shiny exclusive, you shouldn’t need to stock up on more than 20 (if you get lucky), though many of us have way too many from raids.

Other items

  • Star Pieces: The elusive Stardust, use a Star Piece throughout some, or all, of the event to get a good boost in your Stardust levels!
  • Lucky Eggs: The most essential item if you are trying to reach an XP or level goal since you can gain a lot of XP with this event.
  • Lures: They last 3 hours, might as well use them now!
  • Incense: To help you get more spawns and additional chances at shiny.

Community Day Box

Item Quantity
Ultra Balls 30
Lucky Eggs 3
Super Incubator 3
Lure Module 1
Analysis Special
Total Worth 889
Coins Saved Per Box 409
Coins Saved from Incubators and Raid Passes 120
% Saved 46%
% Saved from Incubators and Raid Passes 20%

While not quite as good as the Treecko Community Box, this Community Day Box isn’t half bad. With the event bonus being 3x catch XP, this box gives the average player a budget option to get their hands on a handful of Lucky Eggs. The Ultra Balls are good for players who need a bump in their inventory, and the Lure Module allows them to lure at least one stop during the event, with the 3-hour lure bonus. If you are a player who needs a little boost in Lucky Eggs and balls without spending tons of coins, this could be the box for you.

Bagon Search Strings

Here is the search string you will want to copy and paste into the search bar when sifting for possible 100% Bagon!


You can also use our search string generator to make a string of your own or change ‘cp’ to whatever it needs to be for your country’s language.

  • Level 30 Bagon CP Range
    • 782 – 991
  • Level 35 (weather boosted) Bagon CP Range
    • 863 – 1073

Specialized search strings

Credits to /u/hornuser

98%+ Levels 1-30:


93%+ Levels 1-30:


91%- Trash String Levels 1-30:


1500 PvP Top 99 Levels 1-30:


2500 PvP Top 99 levels 20-30:


Shiny Bagon Family

The shiny Bagon family is very vibrant and easy to spot when you click, here are the sprites for comparison, normal on the left and shiny on the right.

Bagon Community Day: Salamence Bagon Community Day: Shiny Salamence

General Event Tips and Tricks

  • DRESS FOR THE WEATHER. It is April; things are getting either getting very hot or very cold in the regions of the world! Take sunscreen and water, wear protective clothing and plan accordingly for your event, spending some time indoors if you can or need to.
  • If you want the event quests, do not complete quests from any PokéStop before the event. Vice Versa, if you hear a stop has a quest you want (cough, Spinda), then do not complete the event quest during event hours, it will not give you a quest after the event.
  • Clear your box space and make sure you have the items you need. The worst thing in the world is that ‘You Pokémon Box is Full’ message amid a lure party of event Pokémon. Depending on how many spawns you usually see, you may need to clear up a lot of space in your bag to hold all these little dragons.
  • Be patient about errors and set lures after the event has started. There will always be errors. Taking server load off with the staggered time helps with these errors but does not make them impossible to get.
  • Catch shinies BEFORE 6pm!!! If you get a shiny at 5:59, throw a ball as fast as you can, because if you catch it after 6, it will no longer be shiny.
  • Make use of your items, and time yourself to reapply them every half hour, you want to get the most out of those bonuses!
  • Most of all, have some fun. Hang out with friends. Trade when the event is over. Eat some good food. The opportunities are endless!

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