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Chansey is a bulky Generation 1 Pokémon that will be available in raids during the Secrets of the Jungle event. Chansey is a Normal type, meaning it is weak to just Fighting types, while only resisting Ghost types. It is boosted by Partly Cloudy weather and leads to its capture CPs being in the following ranges:

  • 654 –717 CP for a regular non-weather-boosted Level 20 encounter
  • 817 –896 CP for a Partly Cloudy weather boosted encounter (Level 25)

Chansey is a tier 3 raid boss, with a raid boss CP of 5381. It is very bulky, so it is best to be prepared with optimal counters to ensure you can take down this raid boss effectively. High level trainers will be able to solo it, but lower level trainers might want to be a prepared friend!

Chansey is available as a shiny, and is one the perma-boosted shinies, making it easier to find. Well worth using your free daily pass on if you need the shiny!

Chansey Raid Counters

Whenever the shadow variant of a Pokémon listed below is available in the game, it is strongly recommended to use it over its regular/purified counterpart. However, since Shadow Pokémon are extremely expensive to power up and require specific events to TM away Frustration, they will NOT be listed as raid counters in this article.

Chansey’s best raid counters are listed below:

# Attacker Fast Move Charge Move Faints TTW
1. Blaziken (Mega) Counter Fighting Focus Blast Fighting 1 79s
2. Alakazam (Mega) Counter Fighting Focus Blast Fighting 1 85s
3. Terrakion Double Kick Fighting Sacred Sword Fighting 1 85s
4. Rayquaza (Mega) Dragon Tail Dragon Dragon Ascent Flying 1 87s
5. Lucario Counter Fighting Aura Sphere Fighting 1 91s
6. Keldeo (Ordinary) Low Kick Fighting Sacred Sword Fighting 1 91s
7. Lopunny (Mega) Double Kick Fighting Focus Blast Fighting 1 95s
8. Conkeldurr Counter Fighting Dynamic Punch Fighting 1 98s
9. Groudon (Primal) Mud Shot Ground Precipice Blades Ground 1 110s
10. Cobalion Double Kick Fighting Sacred Sword Fighting 1 111s
11. Kyogre (Primal) Waterfall Water Origin Pulse Water 1 111s
12. Machamp Counter Fighting Dynamic Punch Fighting 2 103s
13. Pheromosa Low Kick Fighting Focus Blast Fighting 3 97s
14. Zapdos (Galarian) Counter Fighting Close Combat Fighting 1 106s
15. Gengar (Mega) Sucker Punch Dark Focus Blast Fighting 1 109s
16. Buzzwole Counter Fighting Superpower Fighting 1 109s
17. Mewtwo Psycho Cut Psychic Focus Blast Fighting 1 115s
18. Tyranitar (Mega) Bite Dark Brutal Swing Dark 1 124s
19. Meloetta (Pirouette) Low Kick Fighting Close Combat Fighting 1 110s
20. Virizion Double Kick Fighting Sacred Sword Fighting 1 111s
21. Blaziken Counter Fighting Focus Blast Fighting 2 107s
22. Pinsir (Mega) Rock Smash Fighting Superpower Fighting 1 113s
23. Garchomp (Mega) Dragon Tail Dragon Outrage Dragon 1 117s
24. Breloom Counter Fighting Dynamic Punch Fighting 3 104s
25. Hawlucha Low Kick Fighting Flying Press Fighting 2 108s
26. Charizard (Mega Y) Fire Spin Fire Blast Burn Fire 1 117s
27. Hariyama Counter Fighting Dynamic Punch Fighting 2 111s
28. Rayquaza Dragon Tail Dragon Dragon Ascent Flying 1 114s
29. Alakazam Counter Fighting Focus Blast Fighting 2 113s
30. Sirfetch'd Counter Fighting Close Combat Fighting 2 111s

Stats and Max CP

Chansey Normal
Max CP at Level 40 1255 | Max CP at Level 50 1418
ATK 60 DEF 128 STA 487
Weak to Strong Against


Now, most of you might run in fear at the sight of a Chansey, knowing how bulky it and its evolution Blissey are from gym battles. I am here to tell you that Chansey is hands down one of the easiest bosses you can fight. This is due to the fact that Chansey is mainly so hard to take down because of its Stamina, not its Defense. So it merely prolongs the fight. However, in raids, Stamina is a set value, and the Pokémon can only rely on its relative Attack and Defense. That is why Shuckle is such a meme of a boss, because it has the highest Defense in the game, with stamina boosted to a high level, making it very difficult.

On the other hand, since Chansey’s ATK and DEF stats are pretty low, it will go down fairly easily in any raid tier, while also not damaging your Pokémon terribly. The biggest factor with Chansey is time, you don’t want that counter to run out.


Fast Moves Charge Moves
  • Pound Normal
  • Zen Headbutt Psychic
  • Hyper Beam Normal
  • Dazzling Gleam Fairy
  • Psychic Psychic

Chansey’s main use in Pokémon GO is as a gym defender. Its insane bulk mainly comes from its unmatched STA stat. In comparison to Blissey (which is even bulkier, by the way), Chansey performs really well in gyms with lower turnover.

Its lower CP (mainly because of its poor ATK stat) makes its CP decay in gyms significantly lower than Blissey’s, thus putting up a fight even when it has been defending a gym for several hours.

If you want to use it as a gym defender, the best moveset is probably Zen Headbutt and either Dazzling Gleam or Psychic. You might be wondering why Chansey’s best moveset does not benefit from STAB, and the answer is that Hyper Beam takes too long to charge up, it’s easy to dodge and does not deal super effective damage against fighting types, which are typically the type of Pokémon people use to take down gyms.

Pound and Zen Headbutt are both terrible moves in PvP, and they were made that bad for a reason. If Chansey/Blissey had better moves, they would run rampant in Great and Ultra League. They’re so bulky that XL Chansey has even been proven viable in Great League despite both of its fast moves being that bad. Unless you want to prolong your battles and follow a time out strategy, don’t use Chansey in PvP.

Weather Effects

Partly Cloudy weather will allow for a boosted raid, although it will make it a bit harder to tackle. Otherwise, your best option will be to take Chansey will be in the Cloudy weather where the fighting types will be boosted.

Weather Pro Con
Windy Boosts Chansey’s Zen Headbutt and Psychic Psychic moves
Partly Cloudy Allows a Level 25 Encounter from Weather Boost Boosts Chansey’s Pound and Hyper Beam Normal moves
Cloudy Boosts Fighting types Boosts Chansey’s Dazzling Gleam Fairy move


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