a lot of reports came in today noticing a handful of visual bugs, missing icons, slow scrolling performance etc. We were not surprised to hear that, as the majority of code that handles icon (and general) caching has been reworked in this release.

To avoid a number of these bugs, do a fresh (clean) installation. This means removing the app completely and clearing it’s data – both cached and downloaded. Afterwards, reinstall the app from your respectable platform app store.

In addition, we’ve observed a big increase in scrolling performance after clearing the cached data. We’re not sure for how long this will last, but it seems good after a couple of hours of game play.

If you’re unsure how to perform a clean install, here are instructions for Android and iOS:


  1. Go to Settings>Apps
  2. Select the App you want to delete.
  3. Force Stop the app
  4. Clear Cache and then Clear data
  5. Uninstall


  1. Delete the app on your iPhone by holding on the app’s icon for a couple of seconds (hold until the icons start to wiggle), then tap the x in the top left corner of the app icon, then tap Delete.
  2. Launch the App Store app.
  3. Search for the app and tap the price to buy it. You should not be charged for any app you’ve already purchased.
  4. Wait for the app to download and install.