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Dewgong is a Tier-3 Raid Water Ice boss with a raid boss CP of 12803. Dewgong is lacking in offence, but is decently bulky for a Tier-3 raid boss. Luckily it can be soloed easily.

Dewgong can be caught from raids in the following Combat Power ranges:

  • 1071 CP – 1134 CP (Level 20, no weather Boost)
  • 1339 CP – 1418 CP (Level 25, Snow or Rainy)

Dewgong isn’t what you would call a useful PvE Pokémon, given the low stats. However, the low Attack and higher Defence/Stamina lend themselves well to PvP.

Best Dewgong Counters

The following Pokémon are best Pokémon to use against a Dewgong in Raid Battles:

# Attacker Fast Move Charge Move Faints TTW
1. Blaziken (Mega) Counter Fighting Focus Blast Fighting 2 108s
2. Sceptile (Mega) Fury Cutter Bug Frenzy Plant Grass 3 107s
3. Keldeo (Ordinary) Low Kick Fighting Sacred Sword Fighting 1 120s
4. Kartana Razor Leaf Grass Leaf Blade Grass 3 112s
5. Terrakion Double Kick Fighting Sacred Sword Fighting 3 114s
6. Diancie (Mega) Rock Throw Rock Rock Slide Rock 3 112s
7. Xurkitree Thunder Shock Electric Discharge Electric 3 115s
8. Manectric (Mega) Thunder Fang Electric Wild Charge Electric 3 117s
9. Rayquaza (Mega) Dragon Tail Dragon Dragon Ascent Flying 3 118s
10. Tyranitar (Mega) Smack Down Rock Stone Edge Rock 2 124s
11. Alakazam (Mega) Counter Fighting Focus Blast Fighting 3 119s
12. Zekrom Charge Beam Electric Fusion Bolt Electric 2 122s
13. Venusaur (Mega) Vine Whip Grass Frenzy Plant Grass 2 125s
14. Lucario Counter Fighting Aura Sphere Fighting 3 123s
15. Zarude Vine Whip Grass Power Whip Grass 2 131s
16. Aerodactyl (Mega) Rock Throw Rock Rock Slide Rock 3 126s
17. Lopunny (Mega) Double Kick Fighting Focus Blast Fighting 3 129s
18. Conkeldurr Counter Fighting Dynamic Punch Fighting 3 132s
19. Groudon (Primal) Mud Shot Ground Solar Beam Grass 3 132s
20. Thundurus (Therian) Volt Switch Electric Thunderbolt Electric 4 128s
21. Ampharos (Mega) Volt Switch Electric Zap Cannon Electric 3 133s
22. Rampardos Smack Down Rock Rock Slide Rock 5 129s
23. Raikou Thunder Shock Electric Wild Charge Electric 3 136s
24. Electivire Thunder Shock Electric Wild Charge Electric 3 136s
25. Latios (Mega) Dragon Breath Dragon Solar Beam Grass 3 140s
26. Machamp Counter Fighting Dynamic Punch Fighting 3 138s
27. Pheromosa Low Kick Fighting Focus Blast Fighting 5 133s
28. Magnezone Spark Electric Wild Charge Electric 3 141s
29. Cobalion Double Kick Fighting Sacred Sword Fighting 2 148s
30. Buzzwole Counter Fighting Superpower Fighting 2 145s

You can see from the Pokémon listed that your best bet is to use strong Electric, Rock, and Fighting-type moves.  Zap zap zap.  Three or four good counters and you should be in a solid position to solo Dewgong.  If you’re unsure, or less confident one other reasonably prepared trainer should be enough to take it down.

Dewgong Move Sets

Dewgong has access to this set of moves as a raid boss:

Fast Moves Charge Moves
Frost Breath Ice Blizzard Ice
Iron Tail Steel Aurora Beam Ice
  Water Pulse Water
  Drill Run Ground
  Liquidation Water

Frost Breath, Blizzard, and Aurora Beam are all moves that could be a concern for Grass-types. Iron Tail could cause problems for Rock types, however, it’s not anything to be very concerned over.

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