Field Research Encounters That Could Help You With Your Meltan Special Research

Since the “Let’s Go” event ended in November, it has been very difficult for some Trainers to find the Pokémon that are required to complete certain stages of the “Let’s Go Meltan” Special Research Quest and progress onto the next ones, particularly if they didn’t manage to find and stack Field Research encounters such as Aerodactyl, which were only available at the time.

Exeggcute, Anorith, Lileep, Omanyte and Kabuto are also among the rarest Pokémon that you need to catch for this Quest in order to encounter a Meltan, but luckily for us, Niantic have seen fit to include all of these, as well as a few others, in this month’s Field Research Rewards.

Step 4 of these Special Research tasks also requires you to catch five Steel type and five Electric type Pokémon, a few of which they have also kindly kept and/or added into the mix of rewards. If you are on this step, remember that Magnemite is a dual Electric and Steel type, so one catch will count towards both tasks.

Here’s a helpful info-graphic showing all of the Field Research rewards that are relevant to the Meltan quest line and which will be available until at least February 1st. If you need any of these, feel free to share this with your local community and ask them to keep an eye out for them for you:

If you’d like a reminder of all of the Meltan Research tasks, here’s our in-depth Meltan Special Research Guide.

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