Trainers, the very first day of Chicago’s Pokémon GO Fest 2019 has come to an end, however, with two more days to go, we thought it would important to share with you all the biome-specific spawns that Trainers encountered at GO Fest this year.

GO Fest Biome Spawns Index
Biome/Location: Featuring
Buckingham Fountain Water-type Pokémon / Starter Pokémon
Spooky Woods Ghost-type Pokémon / Dark-type Pokémon
Winter Forest Ice-type Pokémon / “Woodsy” Pokémon
Sandy Desert Rock-type Pokémon / Ground-type Pokémon
Fairy Garden Fairy-type Pokémon / “Fantasy” Pokémon
Grant Park (All locations) Unown / Pikachu / Pachirisu

Now that we know where we are looking, it’s time to see what we are looking for!

GO Fest 2019 Map


In order to help figure things out, here’s a look at the official map for GO Fest 2019! Be sure to know where you are to take advantage of the biome-specific spawns!

Buckingham Fountain

Buckingham Fountain Spawns
Pokemon GO HorseaHorsea Pokemon GO LotadLotad Pokemon GO PsyduckPsyduck Pokemon GO QwilfishQwilfish Pokemon GO WailmerWailmer
Pokemon GO ClamperlClamperl Pokemon GO MagikarpMagikarp Pokemon GO DratiniDratini Pokemon GO KrabbyKrabby Pokemon GO FinneonFinneon
Pokemon GO FeebasFeebas Pokemon GO PiplupPiplup Pokemon GO ChimcharChimchar Pokemon GO TurtwigTurtwig

Buckingham Fountain is featuring Water-type Pokémon and is giving an emphasis upon starters. If you wish to encounter some Shiny Pokémon like Lotad, Horsea, Psyduck, Wailmer, and more, or would simply like to prepare for future Community Day events, you should really dive into this spot.

Spooky Woods

Spooky Woods Spawns
Pokemon GO DuskullDuskull Pokemon GO GrimerGrimer Pokemon GO HoundourHoundour Pokemon GO DrifloonDrifloon Pokemon GO MurkrowMurkrow
Pokemon GO ShuppetShuppet Pokemon GO AbsolAbsol Pokemon GO SableyeSableye Pokemon GO PoochyenaPoochyena Pokemon GO MisdreavusMisdreavus
Pokemon GO GastlyGastly Pokemon GO HaunterHaunter

Spooky Woods is featuring Ghost-type and Dark-type Pokémon while also including a few Poison-type Pokémon. If you wish to encounter some Shiny Pokémon like Duskull, Houndour, Drifloon, Shuppet, and more, then this is the best biome for you to lurk.

Winter Forest

Winter Forest Spawns
Pokemon GO BunearyBuneary Pokemon GO PinecoPineco Pokemon GO Vulpix (Alola)Vulpix (Alola) Pokemon GO Sandshrew (Alola)Sandshrew (Alola) Pokemon GO SnoruntSnorunt
Pokemon GO SwinubSwinub Pokemon GO PiloswinePiloswine Pokemon GO StantlerStantler Pokemon GO TeddiursaTeddiursa Pokemon GO SneaselSneasel
Pokemon GO SnoverSnover Pokemon GO LaprasLapras Pokemon GO BurmyBurmy

Winter Forest is featuring Ice-type and is giving an emphasis on upon more “woodsy” Pokémon. If you wish to encounter some Shiny Pokémon like Buneary, Pinecro, Snorunt, Lapras, and more, then you should take some time and cool down at this biome.

Sandy Desert

Sandy Desert Spawns
Pokemon GO LarvitarLarvitar Pokemon GO GligarGligar Pokemon GO GeodudeGeodude Pokemon GO SandshrewSandshrew Pokemon GO CacneaCacnea
Pokemon GO ShuckleShuckle Pokemon GO AronAron Pokemon GO BronzorBronzor Pokemon GO SkorupiSkorupi Pokemon GO CuboneCubone
Pokemon GO HippopotasHippopotas Pokemon GO MachopMachop Pokemon GO AbraAbra

Sandy Desert is featuring Rock-type and Ground-type Pokémon. If you wish to encounter some Shiny Pokémon like Larvitar, Geodude, Sandshrew, Aron, and more, then grab your sunscreen and get ready to fight off the sun.

Fairy Garden

Fairy Garden Spawns
Pokemon GO LuvdiscLuvdisc Pokemon GO CaterpieCaterpie Pokemon GO MarillMarill Pokemon GO CombeeCombee Pokemon GO TogeticTogetic
Pokemon GO RoseliaRoselia Pokemon GO SwabluSwablu Pokemon GO SnubbullSnubbull Pokemon GO ClefairyClefairy Pokemon GO ClefableClefable
Pokemon GO MawileMawile Pokemon GO RaltsRalts Pokemon GO EeveeEevee

Fairy Garden is featuring Fairy-type and is giving an emphasis on upon more “fantasy” Pokémon. If you wish to encounter some Shiny Pokémon like Luvdisc, Caterpie, Swablu, Snubbull, and more, then grab your sunscreen and get ready to fight off the sun.

*Eevee is encountered in its limited Flower Crown form

Grant Park

Grant Park (All Biomes/Locations) Spawns
Pokemon GO UnownUnown Pokemon GO PikachuPikachu Pokemon GO PachirisuPachirisu

The entirety of Grant Park is featuring Unown, Pikachu, and Pachirisu.

*Pikachu is encountered in its limited Flower Crown form / Unown forms available are ‘W,A,K,E,U,P’, and ‘!’


Before heading off to the location of the Pokémon you are searching for, consider a few things; Grant Park’s GO Fest is hosting many Pokéstops, because of this and the limited area, many Pokémon from specific biomes will cross over to other biomes. The list above isn’t strictly saying that those Pokémon shall only be found in their respective biomes, but that their spawn rates are considered higher in said biomes.

Please note that this list may be incomplete, as there is no strict guide up until now outlining the location of many Pokémon spawns that have been reported from the event.

Have fun, and stay safe, Trainers!

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