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Shinies in Pokémon GO

Shiny Pokémon in Pokémon GO are the rare, coveted variants of regular Pokémon. They boast distinctive, alternative colour schemes that differentiate them from their standard counterparts. To the untrained eye, they may seem like ordinary creatures, but their unique luster makes them extraordinary. Their stats and usability may be the same as their non-shiny counterparts, but shiny hunting is a classic aspect of the Pokémon franchise, and shiny Pokémon are much lusted after!

Recognising a Shiny Pokémon can be challenging but is crucial to hunting them effectively. When you encounter a Shiny, the encounter screen will have visual cues, such as sparkling stars and a distinctive aura around the Pokémon. They will also have a shiny icon on their name banner to assist those who may be colour blind or visually impared. This is your signal that you’ve encountered a Shiny. Pokémon do not show as shiny on the overworld map view, only appearing as shiny on the actual encounter screen, so you will need to click on them individually.

Shiny Pokémon in your storage will have the shiny sparkles in the top left-hand corner, and you can search for them using the following search string:


Current released Shinies

Shiny Pokémon are continually released into the game, not all Pokémon in-game are available in their shiny form. These Shiny releases are typically tied to special events, holidays, or themed occasions. Some Shiny Pokémon are available throughout the year, while others are exclusive to certain events, such as Meltan and Smeargle. Keep an eye on in-game announcements and the official Pokémon GO website to stay updated on which Shiny Pokémon are currently available.

Over on our database, under ‘Pokédex Information’ we have information on whether the shiny is released in game. As shinies are released, here at GO Hub we will provide coverage of the events and details on how you can hunt those shinies!

Shiny Rates

Shiny rates in Pokémon GO can vary depending on where and how you encounter Pokémon. The rates can change with events and updates, but here’s a general idea of Shiny encounter rates in various scenarios:

  • Wild Spawns: Shiny rates for wild Pokémon are around 1 in 500 encounters. Events and special promotions may temporarily increase the odds. Some Pokémon have perma-boosted shiny odds, which are around 1/125.
  • Hatching: Shiny rates for Pokémon obtained from eggs are typically around 1 in 500. Event-themed eggs such as eggs for Hatch Days have higher Shiny rates.
  • Research: Completing Field Research tasks can sometimes lead to Shiny encounters. These Pokémon have a base IV rate of 10/10/10 like hatched Pokémon. The shiny rates for these encounters are generally the same, often at 1 in 500.
  • Raids: Shiny rates for raid battles can also vary. Legendary raids often have a higher chance of Shiny encounters at 1/20. Mega raids have shiny chances of 1/64. You have the chance to encounter a shiny after completing a raid and go into the ‘bonus challenge’.

Community Days

Community Days are special monthly events in Pokémon GO during which a specific Pokémon is featured with increased Shiny rates. During these events, you’ll have a much higher chance of encountering a Shiny version of the featured Pokémon, around 1 in 25. Participate in Community Day events to bolster your Shiny collection and hopefully gain a few shinies with good IVs!

Tips and Tricks

  • Shiny Checks: To save time if you are not wanting to catch them all, you can click on a Pokémon to bring you in to the encounter then run clicking the button in the top left if it is not shiny. The Pokémon you have just ‘shiny checked’ will now be facing you. This is a super handy trick to keep track of the ‘mon you’ve already checked.
  • Quick Catching: Mastering the “Quick Catch” technique can save you time and increase your Shiny hunting efficiency. By using the quick catch method, you can skip the catch screen entirely, saving lots of time if you’re trying to catch them all, whilst trying to max out your encounter rate.
  • Spotlight Hours: Spotlight Hours are hosted every Tuesday between 6-7pm, during which a featured Pokémon spawns more frequently. These events do not have increased shiny chances, but if you’re looking for a specific Pokémon and it’s got a spotlight hour coming up it’s a great chance to look for it.

In your quest to find Shiny Pokémon in Pokémon GO, patience, persistence, and these strategies will be your best allies. Keep an eye out for special events and community gatherings, and remember that the thrill of encountering a Shiny is all part of the journey! Happy hunting!

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