Grass Event Tips and tricks to get the maximum Bloom!

Pokémon GO Grass Event

We prepared a guide on how to maximise gains from the Worldwide Bloom event, as it’s a is a very short event, lasting only one weekend. Remember, the event starts on Friday (May 5) and ends on Monday (May 8).

There is no useless Grass Pokémon

It’s often forgotten that grass Pokémon are some of the best Pokémon for levelling up Gyms. This event makes it very easy to obtain an amazing Grass Prestiger that is super useful against Vaporeon and Rhydon.


This is our suggested Catch Priority:

  1. Exeggcute
  2. Bulbasaur / Chikorita
  3. Tangela
  4. Oddish / Bellsprout
  5. Paras / Hoppip

Of course, Exeggcute is the best one you can catch, due to Exeggutor great stats and gym performance. The grass starters are also an amazing catch, as it all of them have fully evolved forms that are either good Attackers or Prestigers.

Surprisingly, Tangela is also a great catch as it evolves into a Tangrowth in Generation 4.

The grass event doesn’t affect every biome

It has been discovered that, much like the Valentine’s Day event, the Grass event doesn’t affect every biome. If you live in a Dessert or pure Water biome, it’s likely that you will not see any difference in local spawns.

We suggest mapping the area around you before hand and planning your hunt in one of the Grass / Field biomes. Grass and Field biomes are recognised by having an increased rate of:

  • Rattata
  • Pidgey
  • grass Pokémon
  • bug Pokémon