Pokemon GO Rhydon

Pokémon GO Rhydon is very easy to obtain, with only 50 candy to evolve and Rhyhorn being fairly common in the wild. With that in mind, we approach the Rhydon as a commonly available Gym contender, unlike Ampharos and Tyranitar, which are considered to be rare.

Rhydon’s Pokémon GO typing is dual: ground and rock and just like Golem it has high CP, good defense and attack.

However, Rhydon has evenly high stamina (50 more than Golem) which makes him very good and lately very often used as Gym defender.

On the other hand, lack of high speed quick move makes it a subpar attacker.

ID Sprite Pokémon MAX CP ATK STA DEF
112 Rhydon ground rock 3300 222 210 206

Rhydon, the evolved form of Rhyhorn. It is known as the Drill Pokémon. Its large horn gives it formidable attack power.

Pokémon GO Rhydon overview

Rhydon in Pokémon GO is your typical bruiser, with great stats and strong stamina. Although it can’t win against a strong Vaporeon, Rhydon will not go down lightly and he will do A LOT of damage. A Rhydon can chew through at least 50% of a Vaporeon’s HP pool.

We are very excited to see how Rhydon is positioned in PvP, as our current calculations show that he’s going to be a core addition to any strong Pokémon GO PvP team.

Best Rhydon movesets
 Role Quick move Charge move
⚔️ Gym offense Mud Slap ground Stone edge rock
?️ Gym defense Mud Slap ground Stone Edge rock
? PvP (speculative) Mud Slap dark Stone Edge rock

Pokémon GO Rhydon counters

Gyarados Vaporeon
Dragon Breath dragon Water Gun water
Hydro Pump water  Hydro Pump water

Countering Rhydon in Pokémon GO is not really difficult. Rhydon’s dual type makes him take decreased damage when attacked by:

  • Fire, Electric, Poison, Rock, Flying and Normal moves (80%),

but it takes extra damage from

  • Steel, Ground, Ice and Fighting attacks (125%)
  • Grass and Water (156%)

Evidently, any water type pokemon with a half decent moveset can take down Rhydon. However, Rhydon is a bruiser, meaning that even your Perfect IV Vaporeon will most likely lose half of its HP.

Scizor with a full on Steel moveset is good in theory, as bug types take reduced (80%) damage from Ground, but it would still have to dodge every single Stone Edge or it dies instantly.

Best Rhydon moves in Pokémon GO

Move Type Power DPS STAB DPS
Mud slap Ground Stone edge Rock 15/100 27.10 33.85
Rock smash Fighting Stone edge Rock 15/100 27.50 32.90
Mud slap Ground Earthquake Ground 15/120 22.00 27.55
Mud slap Ground Megahorn Bug 15/90 25.80 27.15
Rock smash Fighting Earthquake Ground 15/120 22.40 26.60
Rock smash Fighting Megahorn Bug 15/90 26.20 26.20

There are several moves that would be considered best moves for Pokémon GO Rhydon, however, all of them are centered around Stone Edge.

Stone Edge is faster than Earthquake, which implies that Stone Edge is the best Charged move. It makes it easier to dodge incoming blows when in offense, but it also makes it harder to dodge Rhydon’s charged move when defending.

Megahorn is bug type attack, which makes it super effective on grass type Pokémon, but there are very few Grass Pokémon that have CP even close to Rhydon. This makes Megahorn rather useless.

Given Rhydon’s Pokémon GO movepool, we consider the following:

  • Mud Slap / Stone Edge is the best defensive and offensive moveset, due to typing and speed considerations
  • Mud Slap / Earthquake is second best moveset, but we recommend it only for Gym defense!
  • Rock Smash is considered a novelty, as it doesn’t benefit from STAB and there are better fighting attackers and defenders