Vaporeon must be nerfed

Vaporeon, a meta defining Pokémon has seen a number of changes in the recent months. We analyse it’s best moves, how to counter Vaporeon and what’s it like to own a Vaporeon these days.

ID Sprite Pokémon MAX CP ATK STA DEF
134 Vaporeon water 3157 205 260 177

Vaporeon, the Bubble Jet Pokémon. Vaporeon is made up of molecules similar to water, which allows it to melt and vanish.

Vaporeon overview

Vaporeon is easy to get, as Eevee is common specie in Pokémon GO, and you can always walk Eevee as a buddy in order to gain Candy. Vaporeon is one of the best attackers in the current meta, since it has good Attack and Defense, great Stamina (217 max HP) and high Max CP.

Even though it does only 80% to dragon and grass types, and even though it takes 125% from Grass attacks, a single 2700 CP Vaporeon can take down a 2100 CP Venusaur and a 3100 CP Dragonite in a row. Now that’s something.

Best Vaporeon movesets
 Role Quick move Charge move
⚔️ Gym offense Water Gun water Hydro Pump water
?️ Gym defense Water Gun water Aqua Tail water
? PvP (speculative) Water Gun water Aqua Tail water

Vaporeon counters

Lanturn Ampharos Venusaur
Charge Beam electric Volt Switch electric Vine Whip grass
Thunder electric Zap Cannon electric Solar Beam grass

Most electric type pokemon have low CP and HP, which makes it hard for them to take Vaporeon down, but they can still do some damage to it. Ampharos is the exception to this rule, as it’s high HP can inflict significant damage to Vaporeon.

Dragonite or Tyranitar can take it down, but they will suffer a lot of HP. Let’s not forget that they most likely have higher CP than Vaporeon, so it’s very difficult to level up Gym prestige with these Pokémon.

Venusaur or Exeggutor are viable Vaporeon counters, in the same way as any other Pokémon with Solar Beam grass is. Our recommendation, and this is going to be controversial, is to use Lanturn in order to attack Vaporeon.

ID Sprite Pokémon MAX CP ATK DEF STA
171 Lanturn WATER ELECTRIC 2077 146 146 250

As with any other type, water does 80% to same type, which gives Lanturn some breathing space when attacking. Lanturn’s good durability and high stamina make it possible for him to deal a surprising amount of damage.

We recommend bringing a Lanturn with any Electric type move, as it will take down Vaporeon easily even with 1000 CP difference.

Vaporeon movesets explanation

Move Type Power DPS STAB DPS
Water gun Water Hydro pump Water 5/130 24.70 30.85
Water gun Water Aqua tail Water 5/50 18.15 22.70
Water gun Water Water pulse Water 5/70 15.95 19.90

Vaporeon has only access to water type moves. Even further, Water Gun is the only Quick move it can get. Its fast (0.5 sec) and has very good DPS (14 DPS), making it very simple to use and dodge.

Aqua Tail is fastest Charge move (1.9 sec) with 34 DPS, which makes it best defending move. Although Hydro Pump does a lot of damage, we prefer Aqua Tail as it’s frequent activation makes it hard to dodge for attackers.

Hydro Pump is slow (3.3 sec), but deals huge amount of damage (130). Usually, it’s a OHKO (One Hit KO) for most low tier Gym defenders. It’s considered the best attacking move as Gym Defenders can’t dodge.

Water Pulse is also interesting in defense, as it is very difficult to dodge. It’s on par with Hydro Pump in defense, and with Aqua Tail in offense.