Home Guides Pokémon GO Gift mechanics, item drops, list of Alolan Pokémon 7KM eggs

Pokémon GO Gift mechanics, item drops, list of Alolan Pokémon 7KM eggs

Pokémon GO Gift mechanics, item drops, list of Alolan Pokémon 7KM eggs
Pokémon GO Gifts

Pokémon GO now allows you to add friends and send gifts to Trainers in your friends list, allowing them to open a gift and claim items from a distant area of the world. We finally have some details on how the gift feature works and what items you can expect, along with some helpful tips.

List of items that drop from Pokémon GO Gifts

Below is a list of items you can receive when opening a gift in Pokémon GO. We’ve recorded all of the following gift item drops at Good Friends level:

Item Amount
Hyper Potion 1-3
Max Potion 1-3
Revive 1-3
Max Revive 1-3
Poke Ball 3-9
Great Ball 2-6
Ultra Ball 1-3
Pinap Berry 2-6
Evolution item 1
Stardust 100-300
Alolan Egg (7KM) 1

We also discovered the following mechanics behind Pokémon GO’s gift system:

  • Gift rewards are distributed in bundles and you always get at least two bundles, the biggest we got is 3 bundles + an Alolan egg
  • As far as we’ve observed, you can get the Alolan egg as your third bundle
  • You will not get any Alolan Eggs if you don’t have a free slot in your Pokémon Egg Inventory
  • The UI will display item drops combined if it can: for example, if you get two bundles of Max Revives (x2 items each), the UI will display only one drop that says x4 Max Revives
  • Opening a gift increases both you and your friend’s friendship level, so sending and receiving gifts is a process that benefits everyone
  • Gifts do not take up space in your items bag
  • Removing and re-adding a friend will not remove friendship progress
  • You can receive and open up to 20 Gifts per day

The gift system makes it super easy to stock up on important items, as it perfectly accompanies the regular PokéStop grind. Be aware that Niantic has set a limitation to this feature and you can’t open as many gifts as you’d like: you can ONLY open up to 20 gifts per day.

Alolan Egg hatches

We were able to confirm that the following Alolan Pokémon can hatch from the new 7KM eggs, which are exclusively available through the gift system:

How to get Alolan Pokemon in Pokemon GO
How to get Alolan Pokemon in Pokemon GO

Gift Giving and Receiving Tips

Since we can only increase our friendship levels one day at a time (trading, gifting, raiding and taking down gyms together), strategic gifting or opening can make it a lot easier to stay on pace for that 90 day Best Friend mark! Here are some tips to maximize your daily friendship increase.

  • Stock up on as many gifts as possible.
  • If you have received a gift, but ALREADY completed your friendship task for the day, delay opening it until the next day!
  • Send one gift to each person per day (assuming you didn’t receive one).
  • Because you can only open 20 gifts per day, choose wisely whose you open up and send gifts to, in order to maximize friendship task completions in one day.

Final Thoughts

It’s best to make sure you have friends who are reliable and actively play the game enough to continue your friendship task streaks. Dealing with 200 friends could become quite troublesome (especially without a gift sorting feature in the game). Although it’s not necessary to become best friends in 90 straight days, it would indeed be the most beneficial.

Three months is a very long time! That extra stardust discount and added battle damage may make all the difference one day! Let us know if we missed anything, and happy gifting trainers!