How to request a new PokeStop (using Ingress)

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Although it is not directly possible to request a new PokeStop, it is possible to get a new PokeStop in your area by using the Open Portal Recon (OPR) tool, available to Ingress players.

OPR is a tool designed to enable high level Ingress players to review new Portals (Points of Interest) submissions and add them to the game.

As the Portal backlog is immense, you are likely to have a lot of Portal requests around you that only need to be reviewed in OPR. Niantic regularly updates the Pokemon GO map by using data submitted via OPR and creating new PokeStops and Gyms using it.


Up to this date (May 2017), more than 9000 PokeStops were created worldwide thanks to OPR. This page will lead you through the process of using OPR and gaining access to it.

What is OPR?

On May 11 2017, the Open Portal Recon tool became globally available to high Level Ingress players. The OPR is a tool intended to enable those players to moderate the in-game content and update the map frequently.

High level players review Portal suggestions using the OPR web application. Those Portal requests were earlier created by other Ingress players. If the portal gets approved it’s soon added to Ingress. These portals get added to Pokemon GO as PokeStops and Gyms.

In order to use the OPR tool you need to have the following:

  • A Level 16 Ingress account in good standing
  • A good knowledge of your local area
  • A tiny bit of free time

Let’s see how to review OPR request if you don’t have an Ingress account or you simply don’t want to make one!

How to use OPR if you don’t have a Level 16 Ingress account

If you already tried using the OPR without having a Level 16 Ingress account, you got a message saying “Sorry, your account is not eligible”. What now, can you still review portal request in your area? Is there a workaround? What is love, baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me, no more? There sure is!

Ingress COMM

For all of you who do not have a high level account, we suggest reaching out to your local Ingress community following these steps:

  • Download Ingress from the Store
  • Open Ingress and register an account
  • Ingress can be overwhelming, but luckily we’ll be using only the COMM 
    • The COMM has two channels where you can chat: All and Faction
    • Use All as more people will see your messages
    • Introduce yourself, explain what you want to do and ask the Lvl 16s in your area to vote on OPR
    • Coordinate with a High Level player to do your PokeStop bidding
    • Buy him/her a drink

Questions and answers

Is this a guaranteed way to get more PokeStops?
There is no guaranteed way to get more PokeStops, but this is as close as it gets as it’s a official tool created by Niantic.

Did Niantic confirm this?
They did! In a Japanese interview, Niantic confirmed that OPR data set was used to create more than 9000 new portals, which also affected Pokemon GO (their words!) – source

What can become a PokeStop/Portal?
Anything that fits into Ingress Candidate Portal criteria, loosely.

What happens after I create a request (when it gets enabled)?
Your request gets logged on OPR and other high Level Ingress players vote on it. If you get enough votes, your submission is accepted. Otherwise, it’s rejected.

How does OPR look like for Ingress players?
The voting screen is fairly simple, with a few boxes to provide star ratings and an overview of your submission:

Image credits: Fev games

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  1. This is a very, very poor idea. Not only would you be a total stranger, but you’re asking people to spam a game that many of them have played for years to help you to win in another game.

    • The author of this article is horrible. I am ashamed to having wasted 90 seconds reading this post that essentially says “LOL just make sexy time with a level 16 Ingress player!”

  2. In opr you don’t decide what portals you review. You are given random ones from the queue from all over your country or even the world. Chances of getting a portal from your hood are close to 0. Don’t sign up for ingress just for this.

  3. I have noticed in our area that in every 3 portals in Ingress is equivalent to 1 pokestop in Pokemon Go.

    • Not true at all. I had three portals at home – home portals back in Ingress and now in pokemon go they’ve converted into two poke stops and one gym.

    • I am a level 16 Ingress player, but we cannot submit new portals (aka gyms or pokestops). We can only review previously-submitted portals from years ago. We also do not decide what geographical areas we review because they are randomly assigned to us within a 300 km (200 mile) radius from our area of play.

      The author of this article is clueless and I’m sorry you wasted your time reading this garbage blog post.

    • You are 100% correct. This article completely worthless. It was written with a clickbait title and only served to gain ad revenue for its author.

  4. This article is ridiculous. Don’t do this stuff. There is no way to submit a new Ingress portal anywhere except South Korea and Brazil. The odds of a new Ingress portal becoming a Pokestop at any point: less than 30%.

  5. How can someone could be so stupid and disrespectful to post something like this? I guess you are not an Ingress player and if you are hopefully your account gets banned out of idiocity!

  6. “Introduce yourself, explain what you want to do and ask the Lvl 16s in your area to vote on OPR
    Coordinate with a High Level player to do your PokeStop bidding
    Buy him/her a drink”

    Excuse. We do not sell our services. We do not approve portals that do not meet all the requirements of Niantic … And do not have any rules that make our portals will be pokestops. Do not be ridiculous.

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