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Hey Trainers,

Salamence is a Dragon and Flying type T3 raid boss. As it has a Mega Evolution, it can be shiny!


It’s a Dragon and Flying type, so it is double week to Ice types, as well as weak to Dragon, Fairy and Rock types. It is resistant to Grass, Ground, Bug, Fighting, Fire and Water. Because of that dual typing, Ice types are your way to go for optimal counters!

It will be possible to solo Salamence if you are a high level trainer with strong counters, but if not, we recommend 2-3 trainers for those who may be lower levels or not have optimal counters.

Top Counters

Shadows Pokémon won’t be included in this list because they are incredibly expensive to power up. However, if you have any of the listed Pokémon as shadow forms, they’re of course better. We will include Mega Pokémon as they will help you defeat this raid boss solo in a quicker time.

# Attacker Fast Move Charge Move Faints TTW
1. Galarian Standard Mode Darmanitan (Galarian Standard) Ice Fang Ice Avalanche Ice 5 84s
2. Baxcalibur Ice Fang Ice Avalanche Ice 4 86s
3. Mamoswine Powder Snow Ice Avalanche Ice 5 87s
4. Mega Gardevoir (Mega) Charm Fairy Triple Axel Ice 3 90s
5. Mega Glalie (Mega) Frost Breath Ice Avalanche Ice 5 90s
6. Mega Rayquaza (Mega) Dragon Tail Dragon Outrage Dragon 4 90s
7. Mega Abomasnow (Mega) Powder Snow Ice Weather Ball Ice 5 92s
8. Cetitan Ice Shard Ice Avalanche Ice 4 93s
9. Kyurem Dragon Breath Dragon Glaciate Ice 5 95s
10. Weavile Ice Shard Ice Avalanche Ice 6 97s
11. Glaceon Frost Breath Ice Avalanche Ice 5 97s
12. Mega Garchomp (Mega) Dragon Tail Dragon Outrage Dragon 4 99s
13. Mewtwo Psycho Cut Psychic Ice Beam Ice 4 103s
14. Jynx Frost Breath Ice Avalanche Ice 7 107s
15. Avalugg Ice Fang Ice Avalanche Ice 4 108s
16. Aurorus Frost Breath Ice Weather Ball Ice 5 108s
17. Mr. Rime Ice Shard Ice Triple Axel Ice 6 108s
18. Mega Salamence (Mega) Dragon Tail Dragon Outrage Dragon 4 108s
19. Mega Diancie (Mega) Rock Throw Rock Rock Slide Rock 4 109s
20. Beartic Powder Snow Ice Ice Punch Ice 6 111s
21. Mega Lopunny (Mega) Pound Normal Triple Axel Ice 5 111s
22. Mega Latios (Mega) Dragon Breath Dragon Dragon Claw Dragon 5 112s
23. Articuno Frost Breath Ice Triple Axel Ice 4 112s
24. Cryogonal Frost Breath Ice Triple Axel Ice 5 116s
25. Hisuian Avalugg (Hisuian) Powder Snow Ice Blizzard Ice 4 117s
26. Piloswine Ice Shard Ice Avalanche Ice 7 119s
27. Walrein Frost Breath Ice Icicle Spear Ice 4 120s
28. Mega Latias (Mega) Dragon Breath Dragon Outrage Dragon 4 120s
29. Porygon-Z Lock-On Normal Blizzard Ice 6 120s
30. Vanilluxe Frost Breath Ice Blizzard Ice 7 121s

Stats and Catch CP

Salamence DragonFlying
Max CP at Level 40 3749 | Max CP at Level 50 4239
ATK 277
DEF 168
HP 216
Weak to Strong Against
Ice Dragon Fairy Rock Bug Dark Electric Fighting Flying Dragonx2


Salamence is boosted by Windy weather.

  • CP range on catch (L20): 2054 – 2142
  • Weather Boosted CP range on catch (L25): 2568 – 2678


Fast Moves Charge Moves
  • Dragon Tail Dragon
  • Bite Dark
  • Fire Fang Fire
  • Outrage* Dragon
  • Draco Meteor Dragon
  • Hydro Pump Water
  • Fire Blast Fire

*denotes Legacy Move

If the raid boss is using Dragon type moves, it is going to hurt any Dragon types you are bringing into battle in a major way. See what you are recommended when entering the lobby. No dragons? It almost certainly has Outrage or Draco Meteor. Best to stick with those powerful Ice types and Salamence is double weak to.


As Salamence has a released Mega Evolution in Pokémon GO, it can be shiny when encountered!

Regular Sprite Shiny Sprite


Salamence is a great Dragon type to use in battle, and with a Mega coming, it is well worth trying to add a great IV one to your collection. Check out our meta analysis of Salamence with Outrage (only available with Elite TM currently), and our full break down on Salamence with all movesets, as well as its potential as a future mega in our meta analysis.

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